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13 Feb, 2010
Poor timing of calls during market hours
I had joined nsebseadvisor.com some months ago, and was looking for some proper place to write about the scam they run thru internet of providing intraday calls for indian stocks. I have tried a lot of their services intraday stock calls, intraday nifty call (10000/- per month), visa calls (3000/- per call). The call they write in their performance sheet is true but timing is wrong, like if they write buy reliance 1100 SL 1080 tgt 1130 n u see tgt achieved tht day. But when u trade u will find that in real time by the time u get that call reliance wud be at 1115 or something like there. So, the risk reward ratio wud be fully changed. I tried all their calls and in every service whether call of stocks or nifty their timing is always wrong. At first they said server problems n then it kept on going like this. Then i joined one of their sure shot call service (of another their website Onlygainnsebse.com) in which they said 99% accuracy or double of subscription amount wud be returned. 20% call hit SL n when i asked for money they said u cant judge service in 3 days, but that was the time by which I had to submit request for cancellation. Calls that hit tgt their timing was again wrong. Leave the double amount they didnt returned the intial subscription amount. Everytime i called there was some1 new on phone. I also tuk visa call in which they cost 3000/- per call n give 1 call a day. So u give them 60000/- per month. They wud ask for 3000/- in advance, now if u have confidence in your call why u want advance, nobody is an idiot that it wud take 1 call n runaway. Sone ke ande dene waali murgi ko koi ek baar thode hi kaat ke kha jaayega. But i gave advance n then again bad timed call and SL also hit. Lost 10K that very day, caz they tell to buy heavy on those calls otherwise u wont make enough money to give 3000/- to them and also get profit. When i asked my money back which was promised, they again said no. I jst want to write this, that u can c their free trial but on basis of that dont join a service which u havent tried first. If they say they will return u the money they never will. I have lost a heavy amount on them. They are crooks, whole team. Just beware. Rest is ur decision as its ur money. thanks for this platform for people like us, Dilmesh Singh
Posted by dilmesh singh
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