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22 Nov, 2017
Brothers, Do not go for dreamgain bullshit company. Such a fake company. first they make you impress on manipulated trial calls. assuring you will get good quality while you come in service. I made loss of 38000. I paid them 12000 rs for service instead of my son's B'day Gift.He was requesting me cycle for 2 Months. But they made me fool. Not picking phone. SUCH A FAKE FAKE FAKE COMPANY.
Posted by Bishwas Timang
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17 Nov, 2017
unsolicited text messages
Almost every day, i am receiving unsolicited text messages from ad-dreamgain (23374246), am-indbuy (26463289), am-lmcall (26562255), hp-kotsec (H, kotsec), am-mnyglb (26669452), ad-bonzeq (23266937) advising me to buy shares of this or that company. The telephone numbers in parentheses do not work. I have tried blocking the caller. But unfortunately these text messages continue to flood in. Please register my complaint and remove my mobile number from the mailing list.
Posted by Ramkrishna
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25 Oct, 2017
8067363636 dreamgain no.1 cheater & fraud company.
DREAMGAIN no. 1 cheater Worst company i have eve seen taking client no. from other advisory & giving call on behalf of other company & taking money in their personal account. after that not attending call. i am victim of this fraud company. even trade in their calls lost 40000 in just 3 day. Their mobile no: 8067363636, be aware of them
Posted by Amar Yetala
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21 Aug, 2017
fraud and fake performance
Dreamgain gujrat based company. i joined their stock options which they said that sureshot . but much to my dissappointment their calls flopped. but they wont show the calls which gave losses. they told me to buy wipro 408 pe and kept saying that it will rise until expiry. till expiry it became zero. tata steel pe they told me to buy at 11.9 and after 3 days hold they told me to exit at 12 and in their performance they showed that exit call was at around 13. most of their cash calls also they say 3 day delivery calls but it takes weeks to make profit or it goes into loss. so bewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare of these fraud
Posted by madan
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17 Aug, 2017
Yes I am subscribed to this company for the complete 3 months. Them suddenly after the free trial once i become the paid member they started sending worst calls , the utter bloody worst tips , i lost all my money i lost almost 70% of my capital in last 1 month and they say just dont worry we will cover your money. Every time when i ask that i want to talk to their boss( his name is pankaj arya ) they say he is out of town and they ignore my calls also. They are cheters and suckers just dont waste money on them.. Beware opf them and companies like them - capitalheight.com and callputguru.com is also a fraud
Posted by Safaria
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16 Aug, 2017
fraud firm dreamgain
Dear Traders, take trial from company and u will come to know abt their services. tg is less than 0.5% where stop loss is more than 2%. Now how can any one earn in just 0.5% target... dont losse your hard earn money. dreamgain they show only profitable calls on website. All fake track sheet updated on website... either give profit first and then charge..only 1 company who is giving profit first and charging later, His name is callputoption.in 9015296087... if u r not satisfy with them your subscription charges fully refundable .,, but don't go with dreamgains, big looser.
Posted by chinmay
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Complaint #
09 Feb, 2017
Not Fraud They are Big Fraud
Hi all biggest...biggest...biggest. Fraud company I have subscribed with Dreamgain.com and now I have realized it that this company is biggest fraud company. all on their website performance is fake. I tried to call their customer service no. but no one picks up the phone. Once he picked up the phone but he was biggest rude person I ever seen. We should go to the court and file the compliant for misleading the people. I would advice to all traders please do proper research before subscribing any company.
Posted by sam
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Complaint #
31 Jan, 2017
Stay away from dreamgain fraud advisory:-
For all those who take tips from dreamgains please be careful. They are the worst rascals in giving wrong tips and i have lost Rs 100000/- in just 30 days. they did not even refund the premier service charges as promised. Please get away from these save your hard earned money.
Posted by raju bhala
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Complaint #
27 Jan, 2017
Used their service and loss money
I had terrible experience with dreamgains.com. lost my hard with them I subscribed to dreamgains i thought i can have some good tips will make some profit but it went wrong i followed their tips for 2 month i lost above 1 lacs such fraud company don't subscribed them you will lose your hard money with them
Posted by soniya
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Complaint #
01 Sep, 2013
Poor quality advisory calls from Capitl VIA and dreamgains
I took a service in commodities for 6 months by paying 17000/- and i got 4 to 5 good calls for next 3 days. they had promised atlease 1 or 2 calls per day and 90 to 95 % success rate. However, in the last 25 days i got only 3 calls and all got SL triggered and when i spoke about this, the company gave me some base metal calls to recover and the quality of the calls were so poor that even they got SL hit. Another lady from sales team gave a trial for equities so that i can check the quality of the calls and in 3 days i got 6 calls and all 6 were SL calls. I escalated the issue to the VP sales team and she said she will give HNI calls for a week so that I can recover the money fast and resume my regular services, but I was intending on a refund. but because of their assurance I traded in the HNI calls they got a big SL and lost 57 K in just 1 day. now all my investment is gone and I have become helpless. they are saying that invest more money and they will recover all the losses. but this sounds just like a joke to me. please help me in getting my subscription charges with the losses.
Posted by Sathish Kashyap
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Complaint #
21 Aug, 2013
contact No. 9618431142
This Dreamgains Financials India PVT. Limited company is a research firm specializing in providing advice to its customers in Indian Commodity and Stock markets based on Technical Analysis - See more at: http://www.dreamgains.com/about-dreamgains.html#sthash.wybNxTZj.dpuf . Which is an ISO 9001-2008 certified firm and they have received certifications from SMERA, D&B, NSIC and they are since 2004 in the field. This is what they are claiming. But in the reality. It is fraud company. They cheat the traders and collect the money in the name of registration fee for 3 months, 6 months period. Then they give good calls for 2 or 3 days and then they start giving trading calls which ultimately giving losses. If they were asked for such losses. They simply told that there is some software problem and we will resume calls soon after rectifying the problem. But never turns back. I am the hard hitted man by them. I have invested 50000 in the market and contacted them on internet through their website. I have paid them Rs.17000 for registration as member for 3months and before completion of even 15 days of my trading I have lost all my money because of their trading calls. This was happened in may-2013. If they are certified by ISO 9001-2008 and running this type fraudulant firm since 2004 cheating the hundreds of investors like me where is the action taken by the concerned authority. So, my humble appeal is that please cancel all the certificates issued by the authorities concerned and cease the firm from making money by doing such cheating business. PLEASE DO JUSTICE. My contact No. 9618431142
Posted by nalamguru
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