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Complaint #
01 Nov, 2016
koi bhi www.calloptionputoption.com ko join mat karna
www.calloptionputoption.com Ek no ke choor company h iska sabhi call galat hota h. hamesha galat performance site par upload karta h ek mahina ka service liya tha ek paisa nhi kamaya or loss ho gaya 48,000 ka or 10,000 subscription charge ka bhi. Logo ke sath dhoka karte h jutha performance dikhata ek bhi call match nhi hota iska. Bhut bada froud company h ye iska koi bhi service mat lena
Posted by sanjay devadiga
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Complaint #
09 Sep, 2013
cheater call me-9840514184
Fraud cheater vignesh call me- 09840514184 Dont pay Friends, I agree with you all. I am also a victim on calloptionputoption.com. I joined them in month on Jan & lost 1.5 lacs in JAN & FEB. There is one person named vikas or Vijay…who acts a representative of calloptionputoption.com. They are total fraud. Did anyone made 100% profit from calloptionputoption.com in any month? It looks to me that all there stattistics are fraud. Pleae mail me at Naveengggg@yahoo.com
Posted by vignesh
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Complaint #
06 May, 2013
he is pakka fraud i loosed 30,000 in 1 3 days pls beware.
Posted by rohit
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Complaint #
05 Jul, 2012
The WWW.calloptionputoption.COM tips provider criminal fraud.A Month back by reading his manipulative cheat canvassing reply i subscribed his STOCK OPTION PACKAGE -3000 /MONTH. I Have paid the amount through Axis Bank netbanking, then he started giving call but all call hitting stoploss on my 1st day itself i loosed 8000. becoz before subscribtion ”he ask me to trade in 3 lots becoz STOCK OPTION PACKAGE-97% accuracy” But on my 1st day itself i really depressed/shocked of his performance i called him MANY times but that fraud not picked my phone call.here is one example on 22/06/2012 he given me a call BUY tatasteel 400cE TGT 17/25 SL 0.50 it was stop loss..in his past performance record he has given BUY TATASTEEL 400PE see from this we come to know how fraud he is ..after seeing his past performance report i called him and enquired about this suddenly he disconnected my call..plz somebdy help me to get my money. That Fraud NAME IS--VIJAY GUPTA Contact no is-09887766554
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Complaint #
27 Mar, 2012
calloptionputoption is fake call me- 0962607211
This is a 3rd class site. I submit the original call pls check with there site how they are cheat. I registered with Nifty Option Service on 23 rd August 2011 for three months and my status active till 20th November 2011. So, Friends I note down all days tips and shocked that they put totally fake and manipulated details on there web site. 02.09.2011 : 5100 Call if cross 185 S/L 160 Target 210 : Result S/L Hit (-25 Points) 05.09.2011 : 5000 Put @ CMP 140 S/L 119 Target 173 : Result S/L Hit (-21 Points) 08.09.2011 : 5200 Call if cross 97 S/L 85 Target 115 : Result Not Worked 09.09.2011 : 5200 Call if cross 97 S/L 85 Target 115 : Result Not Worked 12.09.2011 : 5100 Call @ CMP 59 NO S/L Target 125+ in 1 to 3 days : Result on 13th Book 50% Profit @76 & 50% Exit @ Cost (+8.5 Points) 15.09.2011 : 4800 Put @ CMP 60-61 NO S/L Target 120 : Result : I FOUND THAT IT TOUCH RS. 6.20/- on 21 st luckily next day it touch 50+ they give call exit @ 48-49 (-12 Points) 19.09.2011 : 4900 Put @ CMP 50 NO S/L Target 120+ in next 5 days : Result touch 12.60/- on 21 st and recovered on 22 nd they give call Book Profit @ 58 - 59 (+8 Points) 22.09.2011 : 4900 Put @ CMP 40 S/L 27 Target 60 : Result Book Profit @ 56 (+16 Points) 23.09.2011 : 5100 Call (Oct) @ CMP 75-76 NO S/L Target 150+ in next 3-5 days : Result Exit @ 96 (+20 Points) 26.09.2011 : 5000 Call (Oct) @ CMP 84-85 NO S/L Target 150+ : Result Exit @ 105 (+20 Points) Now Get The Total = -1.5 Points Now Look @ There Submission on the Past Performance The all Are Gan..... Mile To Ga..... Mardunga , Any One Can Verify Please Call Me call me- 09626072111
Posted by ajay
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Complaint #
19 Jul, 2011
I was searching for good tips provider from last one year, tried couple of them, none of them were impressive. Since i have full-time job, don't have much time to look into chart and monitor the trade, so i came across bogus website http://www.calloptionputoption.com. I got very much impressed by their past performance, 300-600% returns every month. So i searched in the Google, Traderji for their review, no were people complained they are snake oil vendors. So took the subscription for Nifty Options tips in the last week for Jan 2011 for 1 month paying Rs3000/. Traded only in 2 lots as suggested by them for 25 days (Jan 31st to 24th Feb 2011), totally made loss of 11,650(trading)+1500(brokerage approx.)+3000(subscription fees)=-16,150/ rupees. In this period they given 12 calls, see following image for trade log. http://i52.tinypic.com/mjw9ph.jpg What i observed from their calls, They give huge target in the first sms and later send sms to book the 50% or 100% for 5-20 points, as result if they have 50% success rate also, the rest 50% are of big stop losses eat the profit and you end of negative. Every morning they send sms saying JAI SHRI KRISHNA, nifty to open so much points up/down, watching SGX Nifty... very funny They keep sending sms not trade in more than 2 lots and don't invest lacs rupees in sms in options. I think this after hearing gaali from poor clients, even i'm one of them I called and blasted them for their performance, result they stopped receiving my calls..:-( What surprised me was, when they published 252 pts (339.73%) positive result on their website. Here is the link http://www.calloptionputoption.com/past-option.htm If they remove that, here is the snapshot taken by me. http://i55.tinypic.com/2dbw5zl.jpg So guys, Please be aware of such bogus websites, all their past performance are fake. Never ever take subscription from their http://www.calloptionputoption.com. Can i take legal action them as i have all sms sent by them, anyone help me on this. Thanks Giri
Posted by Giri.N
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Complaint #
27 Mar, 2011
Calloptionputoption cheaterss...fuckers...sucking dickz
hello indians...i am 24 years old...i had 3k for their serivice fot tips in stock options....they dnt know anything...believing their past performance...i put my entire money and lost....believe me....i doubt they having more sites.... now they r telling its not performance and its examples.....i was never fed up with anyother sites.....3 k for their is fine...but believing them we will put our entire money....i didnt omplaint against them as i from ker and they r from north side....but plz dnt lose ur money too..
Posted by Chotani,kerela
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Complaint #
27 Jan, 2011
Posted by ANKIT
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Complaint #
26 Sep, 2010
On 25 july 2010, when I was seeing calloptionputoption website and their various package with past performance I realy very glad and I blindly joined with them for a package by paying RS.15000 in ICICI bank accounts at PUNE branch. When I recieved 1st call on 9 april it's stop loss hitted. On 12 april again call stop loss hitted, from 9 april 2010 to 9 may 2010 only 15 calls are recieved of which 10 calls stop loss are hitted. When I checked their april 2010 performance report I realy shocked because whatever calls recieved are not mentioned in report defferent types of call performance are given. Sometimes I tried to call them but they are not picked up my call, it means that COPO are fully cheated and fradulant team. Their performance report are fully manifilleted and confuse to existing clients, if those who are joined to COPO thinks 100 times . Bhagavan onhe kabhi maf nahi karega, they person definitely die on a road accident.
Posted by JEYESH
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Complaint #
14 Sep, 2010
Calloptionputoption.com is big fraud & cheating company. They have taken Rs.3000/- from me promising 4 times profits with their option predictions. I have lost 5 times & they are not repaying my loss money I am now in Rs.67,000 loss. Please let me know how to get my money back & also request & recommend others not to entertain this fraud 420 forgery tips providing company
Posted by Tena
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Complaint #
14 Sep, 2010
Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, Performance sheet manipulated, iso certification false, scammer Frds im Warning U All who come ackross www.CALLOPTIONPUTOPTION.com there i deposited 3k grands...now no reply nobody addressing me...when i call they cut the phone or keep aside..i was lured by them now no response at all...its 2 months..now i am frustrated no reply...all just collecting money...from my sources i found the adress mentioned on there bank details is also Bogus..its a Coaching class...they are bastards not replying me...plz anyone can tell me wht shu;d i do now...i have also registered an Complaint in Police Station...
Posted by RAMKUMAR
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Complaint #
14 Sep, 2010
Calloptionputoption is Fraud
Calloptionputoption is a big fraud sir,my name is sunil iam from karnataka.a person called sanjay ,whose cell number is -09373645869 ,got my 10,000 which i transferred him through bank regarding tips. but now his phone is switched off.i have his friend no,when i called his freind,he said ,that fellow(sanjay) is owner of snpnifty & calloptionputoption sir plz tell me,what to do.sorry for my poor english
Posted by sunil
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Complaint #
06 Sep, 2010
Fraud activities fake tips 4lacs loss
calloptionputoption is fraud me too loosed 4 lacs rs in his fake tips
Posted by riyaz
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Complaint #
03 Sep, 2010
Fraud fake tips
dear friends i will totally agree i am also big loser bcoz of calloptionputoption they are no one fraud i ever seen in my life i lost 2.5 lakhs + 3000 i request u all my stock market friends please please don subscribe with them and loose ur hardworking money please i request you all ...if possible any one take legal action on them many people are affected now i am have zero money in stock market
Posted by hatim
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Complaint #
29 Aug, 2010
Fraud, fraud, fraud copo is big fraud myself loosed 8 lacs This is for all who engaged in stock market and trade on daily, if you got contact number of calloptionputoption or address of this authorised person just inform for further process. I trade in equity, fo daily wroundabout 10, 00, 000/- turnover
Posted by sathish
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Complaint #
24 Jul, 2010
Fraud!! Fraud!! Fraud!! Dear sir, myself shyam chander from chandigarh. I gave my 25 lac rs portfolio to calloptionputoption.com by feb 12 with 1.25 lacs rs charges. They promised me minimum 5%-205 returns per month but bastard mera ku 19.4 lacs ki loss karvadiya. My whole capital washed out now not picking my phone will looking to complaint police. Pls dont pay to this fraud bastard. He is a sub broker of sharekhan,... He will suck your blood
Posted by tarun
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Complaint #
20 Jul, 2010
Be alert of the no. 1 stock market scammer.bhaiyon ye calloptionputoption and snpnifty ek hi aadmi hai site bhi same lagta hai and tips bhi same hai , sala 10000 ka 2.70 lakh dikha ke chutiya banata hai.Dont go for their small fee of 3000 ye 3000 aapko 3 lakh ka loss karwaega.Maine dono ka service liya 6000 diya and lost 4.7 lakhs,tips are totally same.This website owner is some vijay who is very smart in performance you will not find date when the tips is given totally fooling ,openly chutiya bana ra bhaiyo ,dont pay him
Posted by amit sinha
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Complaint #
21 Apr, 2010
Bogus calls Duplicate performance report 1.56 lacs net loss
I have been subscribing to the future /option service from this site and can safely advise others to keep away from this site. From the past performance stats they claim to be giving huge returns but all the calls this month(feb 2010) have been wrong. I know that Stock trading is a risky business and even the best analysts do go wrong but this person is getting every call wrong. Even a beginner wont go wrong 100% in the market. This leads me to believe that they are doing some kind of market rigging(by taking reverse positions before giving the calls) and at the subscribers cost. later they ask you to close the call in loss with statements like markets are not holding for trade today.
Posted by Kaushik
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Complaint #
26 Mar, 2010
worst, cheaters, there is no word in dico to compare
i have subscribed for this in jan, their calls were really worst.
Posted by kumar
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Complaint #
17 Mar, 2010
I’m PATELBIPIN i paid 4000rs WWW.CALLOPTIONPUTOPTION.COM and subscribed his Nifty service, he told that that 400-600 points per month in Nifty but this is not at all true. My dear friends please do not beleve this Idiot,he is not a analyst,he do not know the fundementals,HE IS A CHEAT. After a week i’m in loss of 35,000 and i raised a complaint against him in consumer forum, because his service is not at all good.This Ididot deactivated my service because i raised a complaint on him in consumer forum,i asked him to refund my money,he said that he would refund it in 2 days but till now he did not refund my money,i called him and i mailed him plenty of times but it was of no use, and finally today he said that he would not refund my money. Friends please visit his web – www.calloptionputoption.com/ and www.snpnifty.com In his websites he only mentions whenever he made a profit, he will not mention whenever he lost the trade.If we compare this no doubt weekly one or two calls will work but you will looase min 5 to 6 calls(400points in Nifty) in a week and at the end of the week you will end up in loss. You just see the past performance report in his website he only mentioned 19th of this month what about rest of the days you should confirm that in these days his calls didn’t worked. Here i’m mentioning few calls give by him 3/11/09-buy nifty at 4705 sl 4680 tg4745,4770 SL hit BUy NIfty again at 4660 Sl4642 tg 4730 Again Sl hit LOSS of 40 points 4/11/09- Buy NIfty in two parts 4650 and 4625 SL 4595 here he did not mentioned any target Here NIfty bought at 4650 and sold at 4695 Total Profit of 45 points per day 5/11/09-BUy Nifty at 4663 SL 4645 target 4730 It touched 4620 SL hit Loss of 20 points again a buy call at 4665 and sold at 4695 Profit of 30 points (30-20)= 10 points profit Total profit of 10 points per day 6/11/09- Sell NIfty in two parts 4826 and near 4840 SL 4852 target 4760 below Booked profit at 4796 and 4770 Profit of 30-40 points Total profit of 35 points per day 09/11/09-Sell nifty in two parts 4825 and 4840 SL 4860 target 4760 He told to book 50% profit at 4791 later SL hit for the open postions In this trade no profit no loss-exited at cost to cost. Sell nifty again at 4842 SL 4860 target 4760 Again SL hit Loss of 20 points Sell more Nifty at 4868 SL 4880 target 4760 Again SL hit but he gave a call to hold to Nifty Loss of 25 points. Total Loss of 45 points per day. 10/11/09- Sell NIfty future in two parts 4934 & 4944 SL 4960 target 4860 Booked 50% profit at 4890 and the rest at 4870 Total Profit of 45-50 points per day 11/11/09- Sell NIfty in two parts 4875 and 4900 SL 4920 target 4820 SL hit and he said to hold at 4945 and again hold till 4970 and sell more Nifty at 4975 SL 5001 Total loss of the day= 100 Nifty points After loosing 100 points he gave a exit call. Be aware he only mentions only profit calls in his website you can check from the above lost calls you can’t see these lost calls in his website. 600 points per month is all FAKE THINK BEFORE YOU PAY TO THIS TYPE OF CHEATERS if these guys can make us earn 1,00,000(600 points) per month just by investing 1,00,000 we can easily remove povery from INDIA.Every body can become a millionaire within in a few years. So my dear friends please do not subscribe to this type of idiots and do not loose your hard earned money.Please avoid below websites which i and my friends subscribed they are not at all up to the mark. Calloptionputoption.biz snpnifty.com shyamadvisory.com orangerich.com apnanifty.com sifyfinance bullrider sharemarkettipsking.com vimalstocks.com Learn these things RSI MACD stochastics EMA SMA DMA Candle sticks Nifty traders please follow below weblinks and view Live Nifty chart daily http://nsetracker.blogspot.com/ and http://niftystockscharts.blogspot.com/ It’s very easy, Buy on green dots and sell on red dots. or Two Simple Rules to Follow 1) Go Long if 3 EMA is above 13 EMA and 13 EMA is above 34min EMA with stop loss below 34 EMA 2) Go Short if 3 EMA is below 13 EMA and 13 EMA is below 34min EMA with Stop loss above 34 EMA http://www.marketcalls.in/2008/06/simple-intraday-strategies-to-be.html For intraday stock traders please follow below website www.nseguide.com If you learn these basics that’s it you are done for the day. ONCE AGAIN I APPEL YOU MY FRIENDS PLEASE DONT LOOSE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY BY SUBSCRIBING TO THESE CHEATERS like calloptionputoption Criminal bastards.
Posted by patelbipin
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