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31 Jan, 2017
fake promises by capitalvia.com
Capitalvia promising big things and providing noting, I would suggest all of the user/Trader do not enroll any service from this company and look for better other options
Posted by sharwan
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28 Jan, 2017
bhut badi fraud comapny ek ek employee fraud h inka
Maine capitalvia ke saath kaam kiya inhone mujhe (3,40,000) ka loss kara diya,aur ab ye mera phone bhi nahi recive karte chor hai ye capitalvia wale,pehle priyanka rathore inki company ki colleuge ne baat ki mujse usne mujhe loss kara diya 1lakh ka,fir RUPALI name ki colleuge ka call aaya inki company se usnr kaha sir hamari company mai sab jhut bolte hai apko loss mai cover karake dungi,trust karo mere upar iss baat ki call recording bhi h mere pass RUPALI ki,but rupali ne bhi mera 1,75,000 ka loss kara diya ab ye rupali bhi mera phobe receive nahi karti,fir ek naya aur aaya WASIM KHAN colluege usne bhi mujhe jhut bolkar 1 lakh se jayda ka loss kara diya,ab yr log koi bhi mera call recive nahi karte,ye advisory wale 100 percent fraud hai. Mera Naam Ravi hai mera mobile no 9818191203 agar koi bhi iake service layne ke soch raha h to ek bar mujhse baat kare m btaoga ye log kaise logo ko fool banate hai.
Posted by sushil mishra
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Complaint #
25 Jan, 2017
highly risky
Hi friends, My self Mahesh from Hyderabad I loss my almost 60000/- by capitalvia but in starting they promise me to make it double but as per call with Mr. ashish kumar from capital via all time I faced loss.i don't know I think there researchers all are fresher they don't know nothing . and they promise they have 10 year experience . I suggest to all don't take services of this company otherwise ready to face loss.I suggest you to avoid this capitalvia. Thank you, have a nice day.
Posted by Suraj sinha
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Complaint #
16 Jan, 2017
Better stay away from CapitalVia.
Never go with CapitalVia Indore firm as they will make a huge loss for you. They are money loving creatures and while taking services they will give you chance to win some money but once you take that they will ask you to upgrade your services and if you are not agree then they will not give you good call. And once you upgraded then they will start playing with your money and other side of the coin is like that you will loss all your money. Even there SMS and call services are very poor and you will get only when you make the loss. Everything they will promise you that they will recover the loss but it will make more disaster for you
Posted by njnaveen
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31 Dec, 2016
i have registered with capital via a week ago. I have getting regular calls from them to be registered to their services. On 2nd nov 2016 i have deposited the amount of 5000rs in their account my services starts from 7th nov . on the first day i get the loss of 1000 and this goes so on.My profile is under the kirti chaudhary . she committed me that i will book profit in all their calls. She tells me that i get the market expert but later i get the call that they dont give me the market expert. Then they coomitted me to make my profit but this statement al so goes wrong.Then they pressurized me to take qauterly services but i refused. i have also the payment receipt copy. this company is a big fraud.
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Complaint #
20 Dec, 2016
Very bad experience with CapitalVia, do not waste your money
Very bad service, they will continuously follow up till they get their payment after that no one will be there to assist you. I have been in this field more than 8 years, Capital Via service is the worst service which I have seen in my trading years. My advise "do not waste your money"
Posted by SURESH
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Complaint #
17 Dec, 2016
Please take Strong Action against such a FRAUD Companies and POSITIVELY TRY FOR MY REFUND.
sir i subscribe future premium service with 11000. he told me we give our all call are 1 by 1.and my volume is very low so he told me dont worry we give u all calll 1 by 1. but they gave me everyday 4 call but not 1 by 1.and also near target. and they told our target achieved. this company capitalvia is fackeeeee company. after my subscription they dont recived my call. and i lost my 45ooo and loosss.my no is 9979331344
Posted by RUPAK
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Complaint #
23 Nov, 2016
not satisfied
India's no.1 fraud company capitalvia if you go to this website you will soon become beggar or do opposite to what he say brain less fellow are working in this company you lose your money if you go to this company tips sure..........................beware of this fraud's
Posted by dinesh
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Complaint #
18 Nov, 2016
I am very disappointed with the CapitalVia attitude towards customer services. i was subscribed with Rs 15000 for one month in cash intraday & i had given poor service with everyday follow up for each call provided. Even SMS was sent was not received at right time. They are completing ignoring me and they don't care whether the client made any profit or not, they are just interested in their money and made me a total loss of 119000/-
Posted by randeep
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Complaint #
04 Nov, 2016
I will never ever try their service. It’s Hooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrible
This is my personal experience with CAPITALVIA.COM. I subscribed for basic service initially after a month of availing their service; lost 60k in just 8 calls only I suggest not taking CAPITALVIA service, because all calls are maximum stoploss hit.
Posted by raju aggarwal
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Complaint #
27 Oct, 2016
fake promises by capitalvia.com
its biggest fraud company.capital via and perfect research are the same company. plz save this fraud
Posted by sumant sharma
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Complaint #
21 Oct, 2016
Fake & Awful service of Capitalvia.com
I am Narendra & want to share with you my personal experience about giving fake stock trading tips firm named as capitalvia.....On free trial offer, they send good tips by which we can make good profit. Once you paid their fees they only give fake tips which can make huge loss to us. So, friends be aware from such fraudy firms & don't go in their fake commitment. Only you can use their free trial offer to make good profit. If anyone can help, please revert to me.
Posted by narendra
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Complaint #
06 Sep, 2016
such a worst service capitalvia.com
Hey i paid Rs 7000 for their tips and got so many calls. They suggested to book profit within in i point or less.If you buy at 68 any nifty option tips suggested to sell at 68.70 and like that. In 80% of the cases it hit stop loss and I lost all the trades and stopped trading for rest of the period. Dear friends never go for any idiots seeking tips. You can do your own research and earn good money. Buy in small lots and sell with minimum profits. Repeat it and you can good money of minimum 2000 to 3000 per day in nifty options. Use your brain and never loan brain from outsider. 99% are fools and believe in your super brain. Bye italianavenue@gmai.com
Posted by KS Ravindhran nair
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Complaint #
26 Jun, 2016
CapitalVia ó Stock Market calls
I have paid about 90000INR to get this service from CapitalVia company based in Indore, They made huge loss and when I complained about the service, they stopped the service and took the money. Its been few months now but still no intention of refund and ignoring me. I have got confirmation in my text messages saying that thei confirmation for minimum 20% profit. they says goo words till they get money. And that's it once they have your money, you will have to beg. this is complete fraud. If you have any question please email me on akashp226@googlemail.com and I will provide you all the evidences.
Posted by akash
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Complaint #
20 Jun, 2016
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Complaint #
16 Mar, 2016
Total Fraud
These are fraud people with false promises. they gave me wrong details as well as only loss incurring calls. the support team is hopeless and non- responding. False promises with 0% call accuracy. They dont even call you once the calls the gave go in loss
Posted by purva jain
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Complaint #
24 Jan, 2016
Scamsters - CapitalLIar
BEWARE Ė WARNING Summary: 75-80% failure rate. Losses totalling in excess of RM5,000 over two months. I first came across CapitalVia (or CapitalLiar as I feel more appropriate) at a trade event here in KL back in Mid-2015. I took their leaflet and decided on the strength of a free three day trial to give them a chance. The lies start at the very beginning when they claim to have an office staffed with analysts in Singapore and a satellite rep office in Malaysia. This was the claim made by their sales representative named Priyal Upadhyaya and is one of many blatant lies told by her to get me to sign up. Before doing so, I like most people tried to do some due diligence on their record and found many disparaging reviews online. I raised my concerns to Upadhyaya and was told that this was merely competitors trying to sully their good name. Unfortunately, I believed her very plausible sales pitch and signed up. The first month led to much work, stress and losses and the only winners were CapitalLiar (their fees) and my broker who made many thousands on the high volume of trades. I netted back a loss of several hundred Ringgit. Having originally signed up for one month standard service and as mentioned after being extremely frustrated (and in loss) after one month, I was told by Priyal (on her boss Guptaís instruction (more below)) that this was because I know a lot about the stock market in Malaysia and therefore needed to be on their higher tariff HNI service, so that I could benefit from having direct access to their Technical Analyst. With great reservations and a heavy heart (as I suspected it was throwing good money after bad) I signed up again for another month, on a more expensive tariff (yes more fool me). Upon doing so, Upadhyaya promptly disappeared from the company and has not been back to this day. On the so called HNI service, they appointed what they termed ďa highly experienced specialist on the Malaysia MarketĒ, Jubin Srivastava https://www.linkedin.com/in/jubin-srivastava-89949176 Far from being an experienced stock market practitioner and analyst (supposedly Malaysia centric), he turned out to be a young IT graduate with < 6 months experience. His stock picks consisted of looking at a chart and selecting a stock that had recently broken out above resistance, i.e. it had already spiked. Their strategy is to buy high and sell higher, but they remain completely oblivious to what is actually happening in the market with that stock and as a consequence, 8 out of 10 times, the stock retraces and one has to cut loss before it tests resistance again or breaks higher. Therefore, their strategy is completely and utterly flawed, geared towards almost certain failure and as a result, anyone who pays for their Malaysia or Singapore Stock Picks Service is guaranteed to lose money. Of course I naturally had many concerns to raise with CapitaLiar, but having had my so called client service representative disappear (on what I was told was semi-permanent sick leave), I was handed over to her manager a character by the name of Rahul Gupta . This one is a consummate liar of the first order who will tell his customer whatever tale he has to get them off his back. I found him to be an obsequious little toady on the phone to me, who then delivered absolutely zero on his promises. You can find his LinkedIn contact here https://in.linkedin.com/in/rahul-gupta-a7291020 and in fact, so incredulous am I by his perpetual lying, I fully intend now to follow his career with interest so that I can warn other future employers of his duplicitous and deceitful predisposition towards his customers. As for CapitalLIarís business model, their modus operandi is to present good results during a three day trial and then ask for money for a similar service over a longer period. It is critical however that you note the following about this company: 1) They have no office at all in Malaysia and as far as I am aware, nothing but a PO box in Singapore. 2) All of their analysts sit in Indor in India, THERE ARE NO ANALYSTS THAT ARE REGIONALLY BASED AS WAS CLAIMED AT THE ONSET. 3) They know nothing about the market in Malaysia or Singapore as they base their picks on charts alone. 4) They have very limited staff, sitting at desks in India, sleeping on the job due to the time difference and sending half-hearted recommendations which can only win if they get lucky. Naturally, I have kept stringent records of all of the trades I have made based upon their recommendations and will be happy to provide these to anyone that wishes to see. Kindly be aware that they may attempt to rebut my assertions above by claiming that I did not follow their recommended levels. My answer to this is very simple, it was impossible to follow their levels because where very often, the stock retraced (fell back), it happened so fast I could not cut loss in time and as a result, incurred huge additional losses. Where a position was closed ahead of time before it had a chance to reach the TP, this was purely because of contra issues which meant that I had to sell the stock and since they were well aware that I was looking for a Contra service (buy and sell the stock within 5 days i.e. not holding the stock for weeks on end), they have no right to claim that I closed positions before they reached the Target Profit. In the final few weeks of the service, I was passed to someone who was represented to me as being the head of their technical analysis department. He was referred to only as KP. This man is extremely dangerous, has an arrogant attitude to the customer, blames the market when the stocks go down and the client loses money and gloats if the stock goes up even a tiny amount. I can support these assertions with a full record of our Whatsapp interchanges and can provide same on request. Not once did he manage to hit a target profit, 80% of his recommendations lost money and of the 20% that did achieve profit, they were closed well before the target which had little or no chance of ever being achieved. It comes as no surprise that he only allows himself to be known by initials KP as he without doubt a conceited and opinionated charlatan purporting to be an expert stock analyst and from what I have seen, whose methods are entirely in keeping with what must be pre-qualificatory in this company, an ability to talk utter BS to cover his incompetence. In conclusion, if you are planning to trade the Malaysian or Singapore stock markets using recommendations from CapitaLiar, then you must really want to lose money, so go ahead and buy their signals. Anyone who is serious about making money, avoid them at all cost, they will lie and deceive and you will end up with nothing but angst and losses. If in any doubt, feel free to call me first and verify that what I have written here: 0126358821
Posted by M.P.H.
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Complaint #
23 Jan, 2016
Guranteed Money Back
Today at 12.38 noon recommende a scrip called Surya marketing via SMS. Text SMS copied below: CAPITAL VIA CASH CALL COVER YOUR ALL LOSS IN OUR TODAYS BSE CASH PREMIUM INTRADAY CALL BUY SURYA MARKETING 538575 CMP 69 INTRADAY TGT OF 74 www.cpitalvia.com But there is no use of this tip. Many times it happened. Some times a scrip will be recommend at a price and imnediately we will get another SMS stating that target achieved. Both messages will come at same time one by one. This is none other than cheating the invedtors by tempting them. Same issue with many other advisors also. All are rajkit, Indore, Bangalore basd.
Posted by Syama Sunder
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Complaint #
16 Feb, 2015
Cheating by CapitalVia
Capitalvia is a group of cheaters who have come together to extract your money by providing you with false promises. In the beginning they will give you a trial of 2 days and in that period they will allocate you to a good researcher who will give you certain amount of profit and then they will ask you to join their service. Then they will compel you to join their HNI service and will charge you Rs. 81000 for 3 month giving you exorbitant hope. Do not believe in their promises because most of their calls will end into huge losses! Ultimately you will lose a huge amount of money. I did, therefore I am advising you do not go for it. Make your own calls and trade accordingly. Do not believe in their nonsense.
Posted by Souvik Adhikari
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Complaint #
23 Jun, 2014
I am Chintan Pancholi have taken services from your firm for stock futures tips the short description for my case is as follow- Firstly I was offered the stock future tips services for 5000 / - for 4 months through some special holi offer. I opted for the same and then I start receiving SMS from Capital Via and after 2-3 days the sms started getting delayed so I post a complaint to Capital Via so then I was allocated a representative name Tushar pardeshi (0731 - 2441628). the services when smooth for a week or so and then the problem was the same the SMS started getting delayed so I call tushar for the same he said that there might be some problem with the mobile network, so he said donít trade on the sms he will call me and give me the calls which are meant for the premium services. I received 2-3 calls and then tushar said me to upgrade me to premium services for which I have to pay total 21000/- so denied for the same, but tushar kept on calling me and said that he will consider the previous paid 5000/- in the scheme and now I have to pay him 16000/- then too I was not comfortable and but he kept on calling me he even called me on Saturday and public holidays and he used to talk to me on phone for 30 Ė 45 mins. He used to call me daily 6-7 times and try to convince me to upgrade the service. After he said me to pay 8500 / -and start the service and he will give me some calls and will make a profit of 8000 /- and I will pay the pending amount. The then I saw the worst period of the services. The moment I made the payment tushar stop calling me and waited for 2-3 days for the calls and I even stop receiving the SMS. So called the manager of tushar Mr. Ganesh who said due to some family problem he is not calling me and after almost a week I start receiving calls from tushar. He started asking me for the payment to which I denied as I said in the absence of him Ganesh gave me 2 calls on which the stop loss was triggered. He said not to worry he will recover the amount. He den gave me some calls which didnít work and then one day he gave me a call on IDFC asked me to create position and hold overnight .i did the same and on the following trading day the stock was down by 10 rupees he told to hold the position till expiry. On the call I bought 2 lots of the said stock and incurred a huge loss of 95000/-. After that I dint receive any calls from the tushar when I try to reach him he never calls me back. so I raised the issue to Mr. Pravin (0731 - 4238071) on 13-06-2014 to which I discus all the problem I faced since inception, on hearing the matter Pravin told me that he will look in to the matter personally and will revert in 2-3 days surely, but history repeats itself I didnít receive any call from Pravin too I tried to reach him but was not able to reach him. In the mean time I received a call from Shree (0731 - 2441619), she claimed that she is from Client feedback department and asked what are the issues which I was facing in the services, I again gave her a brief and then she told me to shift to Stock future plus services which cost 12000/- per month. She said any which ways you are not getting services so make the payment and start using her services and she told that she will give me calls regularly as she is from client feedback department. She gave me a trial of 2 days and after which she asked for payment on which I told her that I have already paid 13000 to your company so asked her to transfer that amount under her new service and start it for a month if I am happy I will continue, upon which she denied and said that this canít be done. Later after a while she called again & told me she will consider the pervious payment but only if I pay additional 12000 / -and then she will provide me services through calling for 2 months and if I opted for the same she can give me extension of 15 days. Now, after paying for the services what I get delayed SMS in which 2 target msg is received first followed by 1 target msg and call. I even made huge losses. And when I try to Connect to tushar couple of times in pass 1 month he said that he has many clients so its not possible for him to track and call each and every clients, so I asked him to transfer my portfolio to another executive upon which he denied and said he will call and provide service when he has time for me and disconnected the line. Is this the way to treat a customer? I have paid for services not for Tushar, if he is busy or not able to cater me I should be allocated some another executive. Because capital via donít run only on tushar. Kindly look in to matter and solve my quires as soon as possible & Please suggest what should I do?? Regards, Chintan Pancholi 9029404448 / 9222238600
Posted by CHINTAN
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