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www.capitalheight.com 12 Mar, 2018
Biggest Fraud and fake CALL ME: 9298000639 IMMEDIATELY DON'T PAY READ MY FULL REVIEW
This is very big Fraud comany with online links - http://capitalheight.com/ and http://m.capitalheight.com/I was cheated by this fraud company by 3 times with different people named as1) Mr.Akshay(Ph.No-7314754256, 8966846783)-Initially he provided me a Trail trade then I traded and earned 4000/- then he forced me to pay 5500 charges and promised me a good return of at least 25000/- then I registered and after paying that he given me 7 trades and all of the are fake and I lost almost 30000/-.Then he avoided my phone calls and next2)Mr. Washim Khan & Akash (Ph.No - 7314723672, 7314772546, 7314723615) - These two also did the same thing Initially they provided me a Trail trade then I traded and earned 20000/- then he forced me to pay 27500 charges for "Option Premium" services and promised me a good return of at least 2, 50, 000/- then I registered and after paying that they given me 5 trades and all of the are fake and I lost almost 63, 000/- and Particularly Washim khan knowingly given me Wrong Trades3) Mr.Himanshu( Ph.No - 9131703331) - Initially I called him to give Complaint on Above mentioned people and he completely diverted topic and asked me to work with him and told me that he is a Manager so I believed in him and took trail trades and I earned almost 32, 000/- As he told that he is a manager so I believed and registered with him By paying 55, 000/- for Super HNI Services, He committed many promises that I can earn 4-5 lakhs with in a month with a capital of 1 lakh rupees but I lost my 1 lakh complete capital and again he told me to arrange me minimum funds of 15000 then I lost these money also, After that I asked to return back my service charges to me but they did not returned and abused me with wrong language.and dont believe in their Messaging services also out of 5 trades only 1 trade reaches the target remaining trades will end up hitting stop losses.Finally, I am Looking forward to take legal action against them to get back of money which I have paid to themI have all the Documented proofs for above payments which I paid to these Fraud and cheating company.and also these Fruad Trades Track Sheets also.N.Bhanu Tejae-Mail - bhanuteja45@gmail.comPh.No- 9298000639
Posted by Bhanuteja
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