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www.callputoption.in 09 Dec, 2017
Dear Friends, This is Muhammed ghani from Dubai(UAE) . AM working as a Accountant in Emirates Airlines. Since I want side income to my family My cousin kasim Muhammed who is a client of call put option research firm for past 2 years & he MADED more than 85 lakhs and recovered his past looses too recommended me to join call & put option to earn daily handsome daily income with a capital of 1.50lakhs for 5 lots trading on stock option. He gave Ranjith sir (8825958698)number to interact in Whatsapp. With my cousins reference I communicated Ranjith sir in Whatsapp for taking his service. Since am very new to options trading & having good capital so he recommended me to join both Nifty & stock option pack with offer price of 14999 for 3 months. I Paid & started service just a 3 days back only. MASHA ALLAH" it was unbelievable and miracle to me that I earned more than my salary in just 3 days trading which was really amazing.i too recommend other friends those who want side solid income can join callput option. Am really blessed & lucky to have great research firm . My sincere thanks to Almighty Allah to show this excellent firm in my cousins relationship. Warm Regards Muhammed Ghani
Posted by Muhammed Ghani
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1. | Tamil maran on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:44 PM
Hello Guys Vanakkam to All,This is TAMIL MARAN from SINGAPORE a nativity from Srilankan Tamil and a settled citizen of singapore due to war.its very emotional to write review on callput option because i incurred very heavy loss in forex and bank corrupted.my life hard savings gone to null & too much of depression due to poor financial condition .But luckily i found more friends on my community union who are clients of callput option are more success and advised me to join call put option advisory service .They are real heros this is my 2 nd year with them i earned more than 1 millionsingapore $ and am financial success.may lord shiva bless to all call put option team persons especially MR.RANJITH bro you are true hero boss and always daily i remembering you on my prayer .keep going callput option guys you are doing great jobs for innocent traders.guys i suggest all to join callput option am not boosting you guys ''a good advisor is a good guru for us .i have got good guru to lime light my future let others to join .
2. | Anil dhawan on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:43 PM
Anyone who is interested to join callputoption.in can reach out to me as I am also one of the aspirants. He is charging some 7500 for assured no loss at the end of the month surely get the profit. ( we can form group of people or so can take risk of 2500 each and just observe his calls for 1-2 weeks ) if he is good we will trade on his calls. If he is a fraud then our risk is maximum 2500. If anyone who is already subscribed to callputoption.in also can reach out to me I would be happy to share his cost and try the services of callputoption. My email id 8988acc@gmail.com
3. | Ramesh Rohini on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:42 PM
4. | TARA on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:41 PM
I have read about the company on internet where more customers satisfied on CALLPUTOPTION.IN. I also wanted to join in this company and wanted to check the accuracy and i took the service for stock option and earned a good profit in one month. I started from a capital of 60,000 and i earned a good profit in just one month and now I took a 6 month service. Really friends after bearing a lot of loss I got one genuine company. If you also want to earn in share market plz take once a service of CALLPUT and i promise you will also earn a good profit like me. TARA BASU
5. | Abdul Jaffer, Riyadh on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:41 PM
Am Abdul Jaffer From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Am a Malayali & dental surgeon By professional and my passion in Stock market arise 2 year back with a net loss of 28.5 lakhs in Greedy day trading and holding a lot Aof B grade stocks on my portfolio which also in 25%LOSS more in downside. my cousin KABIR who is also a day trader suggested me to subscribe call put option since he earned and recovered all losses from them. Just a 2 week back only I joined there both Nifty and stock option service. MASHALLAH it was a amazing service that daily am gaining huge profits with them Mr. Rohit promised me that all my losses recovered very Fastly and it was very true I thank him lot for his kind special support. I am suggesting all day traders to take there service once torecover your all losses.
6. | himanshu Patel on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:38 PM
hi everyone , i tried almost every tips provider but none of them are good . i lost huge amount + subscription charges .. Finally somehow i found this website CALLPUTOPTION.IN they updates genuine report on website.. i just followed that calls & i made some good profits too. So subscribed his lot of services, later i found their calls very excellent, they gives very low stop loss and huge targets & newsletter are very simply superb. Sometimes Its provide High gain calls.. From past 1 year i am the subscriber of his premium service & i have made good profits..
Completely agree with you i also started this month only till yet received 4 calls all are completely excellent. only yesterday in BATAINDIA i didn't earned much profit as i received sms it was bit down to book profit. but overall they are having excellent calls. Thanku CALLPUTOPTION.IN. plz be support & provide good calls in future as well.
8. | Kanishq jain on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:36 PM
i have an subscriber CALLPUTOPTION.IN last 4 years now and compared to other firm, CALLPUTOPTION.IN seems best suited for me so far. Great support team as well. I use this site more than 4 years; the team of CALLPUTOPTION.IN has helped me a lot to book great profits. Especially the follow-up is excellent. It is very useful for everyone who wants to get better return of their money to invest in stock market. The developer of this site is always trying to improve some new in time to time. My special thanks to the owner of the site. We are visiting many sites about trading but CALLPUTOPTIOM.IN is perfect for analyze market from open to close the market and during market hour is very helpful to take decision which company is well performed or not, so, I am very impressed to registered with CALLPUTOPTION.IN. Thank you
9. | B.M CHAWLA on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:23 PM
I have heard that for trading in share market knowledge is compulsory but its not so ...someone can avail this trading facility with CALLPUTOPTION.IN. This is the only company where u learns along with earning. I have tried 4 advisory in 2 years courier but neither I gained nor learnt anything. Then one of my cousin advised about CALLPUTOPTION.IN advisory, initially due to less capital I invested in nifty option and within one month my capital increased by 70% and also some loss was recovered. If I had tried CALLPUTOPTION.IN earlier I did not have to face such losses..However thank you CALLPUTOPTION.IN
10. | Susanta Pal on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:16 PM
My name is Susanta pal and I am a strictly follower of callputoption.in. I am working with them from last 6 months and now i can say that it is India's Best service Provider because they believe in Quality service and never give bad service. and I am follow the instruction and suggestions. The result is unbelievable. I hv experienced bad tips n result from others provider resulting in loss of money. Understanding them well n seen the good benefits practically now I m very much sure, callput is better than others. I am only intraday trader. With the help of their tips I invest in the market through which both my knowledge about the market is all increasing and also my profit building capabilities. Their tips on option (stock & nifty) are damn good. I am completely dependent on them and would suggest other advisory companies to learn some lessons on services from them.
11. | Aadarshini on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:15 PM
I m a self employed women but in today’s world there are so many expenses in a family that looking for a second income is necessary, so i found one from where i get profitable calls’ would say the best option tips provider is from where you get profits. Using my own head is not my cup of tea, there is no shame in accepting that i was a big time looser in stock and commodity market. But by the time change now am very happy with my advisor http://www.callputoption.in. My worries for market are no more as am completely satisfied with the calls. Losing money is very easy but earning is very difficult. So take your decision carefully after all its your hard earned money, think and go ahead for it for sure profit.
12. | P. Kulkarni on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:15 PM
hi friends, I am working in share market from many years and earning good money but there is no doubt that in share market I had some loss also. But once you find the good company thereafter there will be less chances of loss and its totally fact as I am also earning with profit without loss.when I joined callput.in then I came to know this fact of share market that how to earn just being connected with callputoption.in . Thereafter I subscribed 1 year plan of callputoption and what ever I get loss in past from other company ,all the money I recovered very soon with 4 times profit.So guys I just totally believe in services provided by CALLPUT and I must thanks them for their transparent views towards customer. Thanks Callputoption.in
13. | UTKARSH YADAV on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:14 PM
Hii, to all and happy dewali the one thing you will get from CALLPUTOPTION.IN advisory is no nonsense trading calls. If you heard about them, then you probably heard about the profits they earn from options trading, that does speak for itself because the gains there are huge. I followed callputoption since they started the options service and they win easy 9 out of 10 advisory. No one need more knowledge n skills to work with Callput. Go to their site and look at the track record, that is a list of the exact trades they gave out - again, no nonsense there people. i've made plenty of money with them. So I will end this by saying if you want to learn from some great people and make money, they are for you, which pretty much means they are for everyone.
14. | Sandeep merse on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:12 PM
This one of the worst Research company, i feel like a 10th class student sitting in front of news channel and giving calls to the people.no strategy, no stop loss, no target nothing, they give calls just like that if it gives profit immediately they will call for profit sharing, if it goes losses they say it is because of market fall, they give some non sense reasons for everything.i booked losses trading with them, guys don't pay them and don't invite troubles.we can trade our self better than they give Then pis company deserve lesser than 0 rating
15. | Durlabh sawan on 28 Dec 2017 at 12:00 PM
Hi friends I want to share my personal experience with the CALLPUTOPTION.IN. I had been using this nearly 3 years onwards. It's the trusted and number 1 trading advisory in the market. It is trusted by millions of users all over the world. CALLPUT is very user friendly who works in the Share market and requires good knowledge about any share. It provides information of all the up and down in the market on the daily basis. By seeing that you can estimate your profits. We can get suggestions from the other partners which shares are going to be raised and which are not. It's the god website to get financial benefits and the services and support is also very good. CALLPUT provides very good and genuine information about any above things. CALLPUTOPTION is very good and legit and also very genuine for the things. Thanks CALLPUTOPTION.IN
16. | Bashir Khan on 28 Dec 2017 at 11:47 AM
HII guys let me share my experience in share market with you. I am doing trading from the last 2 years, i tried many companies advice but most of the companies are fake. When i came in contact with callputoption.in, i get good tips. Sometimes i have to bear loss which is also a part of the market. But i never lose my heart & always do trade from experts. At every month i found that i am in profit which is dream of every trader. So my experience is their calls awesome according to my view this company very very good. So friends it takes time to make profits and everyone is not so lucky to earn profits from first deal only have patience and keep watching. And always remember profit and loss they both are the two side of the coin of share investment.
17. | Arun kuma on 26 Dec 2017 at 11:37 AM
My name is Arun Kumar from Madurai. Am owning a Gold retail shop in madurai Meenakshi Amman Street. Being a well to do and blessed business man my loss in Stock market is very unbearable and very painful I loosed 63lakhs in just 2.8 years by trusting more fake tips providers from indore, mumbai, Ahmedabad etc. My major loss is from capital via, capital aim and other fake fraud tips provider from Mumbai "Wittytrades". Till now am getting daily multiple calls from spam fraud tips providers. Unfortunately I found this complaint portal on Google & Readed all reviews on call put option and I doubted lot does this positives are genuine or manipulated so I called Mr. RANJITH of callput option I had a oral discussion with him he explained very clearly and politely all. His words looks original, trustworthy and frankly speaking person so I subscribe 9999*offer price which is not a big deal for me . Mind blowing I earned 82000 in just 1 week trading and my confident level raised lot now Mr. Ranjith request me to trade in 10lots for multiple folding profits to recover my losses. Small traders from all over India its my big request please make use of callput option service for loss recovery. They are 100% trustworthy and original. Arun Kumar
18. | Amit shinde on 26 Dec 2017 at 09:55 AM
My name is Amit shinde from pune. Friends trust me I recovered my 89000 loss amount with call put option stock option trading tips. I trade in 2 lots my loss recovered in just 7 trading days itself. Mr. Ranjith who is my advisor is a great person he promised me and recovered my losses in special care. After recovering my loss am writing this feedback. Friends I honestly recommend this call put option to you all join them and recover your losses. Truth and honest advisors should be respected. Ranjith Ji is available in 8825958698. Charges are very reasonable
19. | Namitha Veereddy on 26 Dec 2017 at 08:38 AM
Hii to all friends i am Namitha Veereddy from Chennai. Every lady has a dream to work as his husband does. She doesn't have to depend on anyone for anythng .nd m from those one. I know that I should not share my personal life here but after my husband death i am the only working woman in my whole family. i do work in mahindra & mahindra company on HR post my income was not very much good so how I can provide a nice education in good school . In my mind there is always a thought of earning extra income but how it will b implemented this idea I didn't knw. 1 day my office frnd given me idea to do trading and also advised me to join with callputoption.in but at that time I don't had any knowledge of share market but my frnd helped me at every stage nd explnd me about share market nd had given me customer care no. of callputoption.in nd i shared my problems with Astha Mam nd she explnd me about share market very well nd told me the difference b/w genuine nd fraud nd after a long discussion i joint stock services of callputoption.in. Initially 4-5 days I faced difficulties in understanding their calls now it's been 7 month so not facing any issues in calls. First, I took service of stock option in 7,500, as it was big amount for me that time just because It was my first experience in trading sector. But when Astha assured my capital will be 100% safe in their services, then I invested in it. And really they proved in making huge profit and I m fully satisfied from them. just bcz of callput I m giving my children's a better schooling and a better lifestyle. so I would like to advice all the girls nd women to join callputoption.in so how they can also give their children nd family a better lifestyle ... callputoption.in is the best thank you team and specially Astha Mam.
20. | kripaa on 21 Dec 2017 at 01:02 PM
I was new in trading. I have faced several ups & downs in the market. For the last 2 years when I subscribed stock market package offered by a callputoption.in. At the start, I was not feeling comfortable in investing my hard-earned money in it. After 7 months back i get excellent profit in it. I was availing services for stock option only but for the last 6 months, I am subscribing their Nifty option package and earned good profit so far.
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