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www.callputoption.in 28 Oct, 2017
Thanks Mr. RANJITH to support me to recovering my losses
Hi let me introduce myself am Jitender Singh from ludhiana. Am client of callputoption trading advisory from past 12 days . I incurred a huge loss of 1.85lakhs in mcx Crude oil trading by following brokers recommendations. I was totally upset and mentally have very feared on trading. But my local Brokerage house person personally recommend this call put option firm and ask me to try once. My fate start to change after I contacted a person Mr. Ranjith Kumar who is a chartered Accountant by professional & his promising words motivated me to pay 9999 for stock option for 3 months offer. Brilliant my loss was very Fastly recovered in just 8 trading days. I really thank Mr Ranjith Ji you really saved me man. Friends a good and genuine people's should be recognised so I kindly recommend this company call put option to others to take there service to earn good money.
Posted by Jitender singh
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Comments :
1. | VIJAY BHASKAR on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:41 PM
Hello, when I was Goggling I found this review forum for trading tips providers since am also one of the big victims of Indore based fraud tips providers. They MADED me beggar stage - I came to stock market trading with a 15 lakh capital just a 2 years back * This 15 lakh money was my father's retired deposit money. Since am unemployed and my bread n butter depends in trading income but Result was big disaster this Indore based fraud executives looted my subscription & destroyed my full capital. At last I left with 45 k when I was Goggling I found this forum & find Callputoption.in provides genuine service not only in Google I read there more positive reviews in Facebook community too so I join them just a last week and it is going excellent in 5*trading session I MADED massive profit of 39000. I HUMBLY request my all traders to don't get trap by Indore based fraudsters they will call you and trap by providing free trails. Best is avoided and ignore phone calls from these cheaters. Now I have confident that I will recover my full losses with call & put option Team. Why can others join this genuine & trustable organization to recover your losses.
2. | Anil dhawan on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:40 PM
Anyone who is interested to join callputoption.in can reach out to me as I am also one of the aspirants. He is charging some 7500 for assured no loss at the end of the month surely get the profit. ( we can form group of people or so can take risk of 2500 each and just observe his calls for 1-2 weeks ) if he is good we will trade on his calls. If he is a fraud then our risk is maximum 2500. If anyone who is already subscribed to callputoption.in also can reach out to me I would be happy to share his cost and try the services of callputoption. My email id 8988acc@gmail.com
3. | Susanta Pal on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:37 PM
My name is Susanta pal and I am a strictly follower of callputoption.in. I am working with them from last 6 months and now i can say that it is India's Best service Provider because they believe in Quality service and never give bad service. and I am follow the instruction and suggestions. The result is unbelievable. I hv experienced bad tips n result from others provider resulting in loss of money. Understanding them well n seen the good benefits practically now I m very much sure, callput is better than others. I am only intraday trader. With the help of their tips I invest in the market through which both my knowledge about the market is all increasing and also my profit building capabilities. Their tips on option (stock & nifty) are damn good. I am completely dependent on them and would suggest other advisory companies to learn some lessons on services from them.
4. | Prameet. s on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:28 PM
I have lost around 2 lakh while doing trading in Capital height advisory seriously they are fraud, chor ...very small tgts with high stop loss.. 1 stop loss hit and u lost all 4 calls tgts...As per your advise Mr (ramya) sir i m using services of callputoption.in.daily get 1 sure TIP with high accuracy. really they are masters in their field...with in 7 days i have earned decent profit...Thanks once again...
5. | MRUDUL PAWAR on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:22 PM
6. | Yaman Sahni (Delhi) on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:11 PM
I am following one company from last 1 year and they give very good recommendations in (stock & nifty) options. They give very limited calls and their calls are spot on. I am working with them from last 1 year and after getting profit I can recommend their website to others because it’s my honesty to give honest advice to others. I have faced many losses in this stock market by joining some fake companies but after working with callputoption.in, I can give you assurance about their service. I started with 1 lacs capital when I joined them and right now my capital is 12.77 lac in 1 year so you can understand that their service is fully reliable. I withdrew almost 2 lac profit apart from 12.77 lac for personal use. Their website is www.callputoption.in and it’s very old and popular company in India. Their support number is given on website and they support in every way possible to give you best services. My suggestion is that one should at least contact them once for better guidance or visit their website www.callputoption.in. it’s my own experience. I have gained good profit with them that’s why recommending it to others. Thanks
7. | SURAJ on 22 Jan 2018 at 12:00 PM
Hi friends, If anyone having true experience with Callputoption than please contact me and share your good experience with me, because me also searching a true one tips provider who can give positive result...I having much bad experience with Indore tips providers, so if someone really true than please contact me and tel about Callputoption.in. If below few positive comments are true than contact me else will feel no body is true... Thanks Suraj:+919811321765
8. | alok nath on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:52 AM
I wanted to share my story with this company. A few months back the company I was working for had a lay off and I lost my job. i had given lots of interviews but i didn’t got any response from anywhere. I thought it’s my bad luck. Then I was looking for other options for income but there was no way to earn a good cost.thn i found to invest in share market. I started trading for the first time somewhere in 2009 and stopped after few years due to accumulated huge loss. I used to depend on Tips from some so called 'Researchers in the financial market'. One day I received a call from an advisory company named 'dreamgain.com'... claiming that they are maintaining more than 90 percent accuracy and they have a profit .sharing kind of service like 30:70 ratio. I thought that will be better so that i need to pay only for profitable calls and they would provide sure shot calls only. After providing a couple of profitable calls (Profit of Rs. 2000 & 3000) they started asking me to pay a 'registration fees' of Rs.15000 in addition to profit share of 30% and i received a mail from their accounts department asking me to pay the amount as to continue their services. Then i paid service charge of it. After that in one call they made me a loss of. 2 lac.my conditions was to came on road side.1 there was no job 2nd all my savings just bcz of this company finished. My mind had gone into depression how to recover such loss. day n night i just thought to do work as an employ to recover such loss My cousin Biren Desai who is a client of callputoption research firm for past 1 years & he MADED more than 25 lakhs and recovered his past looses too recommended me to join callputoption.in to earn daily handsome daily income with a capital of 20-30 for 1-2 lots trading on stock option. I started finding facts about this and I subscribed stock option package services was awesome only 45 day recovered all my earlier losses & start to build a solid portfolio. this for me not less than a miracle in such a less time i recovered all my losses.my god listed to my heart nd given me a cousin in face of god. now I don't need to do work anywhere sitting at home i earn 1-2 lac. Callputoption is excellent, recommendations are highly accurate and time of getting messages are very fast of course no doubt profit is huge why can't you friends try there service best feedback from me is I beg you avoid Indore based fraud companies. Thank You
9. | Mallika arjuna on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:47 AM
My dear friends am Mallika arjuna from hyderabad I agree of all positive reviews posted regarding callputoption services which is true Becoz just a 3 days back only I joined and am much impressed on there performance for 3 days. They providing only 1 sureshot option call which is awesome and clear to execute. There plus point is they provide calls in 10 mints advanced levels where every traders can execute there orders.my dear friends pls join them to get good profit not only profit they will impress your heart all time. I thank to Rohit Sir especially very nice person.
10. | Ujesh Mohanan on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:34 AM
MY frnd told me about CALLPUTOPTION.IN services. I bought this package in this week 9999 and my capital is 35000k only. Yesterday my first day and I got 1 call KOTAKBANK 1030CE @ 12.75. I Bought 2 lots only because it’s my first day with in 20 mints booked profit 10350rs. It’s really shocking for me 1st day 1st call and booked good profit now I am waiting today call. i hope today also get good profit.
11. | Kumaraswamy-madurai on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:27 AM
After loosing huge money from fake Indore companies & guarantees based bogus tips providers ultimately I found a wonderful tips provider callputoption last week the company is from Chennai & I too belong to southern part of tamil nadu. I subscribed there stock option zero loss pack it was a awesome week where I made 78000 profits. I was really impressed on there advices & I want all traders to subscribe them for best option trading advice. Kindly avoid and save yourself from fraud indore based companies and gujarat based tips providers.
12. | SHAILESH on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:23 AM
I am following CALLPUTOPTION.IN advisory services from past 15 months. I am very very happy with his services. I am in good profit now. Daily they provide (1) call I am happy they response. I will continue with his services as long as I can. I am also suggesting my friends to subscribe to CALLPUTOPTION.IN. It will good to pay nominal amount for the quality advice from CALLPUT. There is no such issue that they might delay in answering any call. I got positive response every time. I know that option market is very risky but I suggest others to take their services for Good profit. I highly recommend to you guys CALLPUTOPTION.IN is the best company in market.
13. | Rajiv menon from Thrissur on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:20 AM
Myself Rajiv menon@rajiv from thrissur-kerala am a Govt school teacher and stock intraday speculator. Since am fond of share trading I loosed more than 27 lakhs from wrong advisory company's from indore, surat & other more bogus advisory companies. It was my worst time that this fake advisors destroyed my capital & my confident. But my bad time got to turn excellent time where 5 month back I find callputoption website on this forum and read all reviews which gained me a confident I subscribed there stock option pack Mr. Rohit kasyap advised me to start with 1lot now I recovered my full losses and am now in net profit of 8above lakhs. Thanks to almighty God to bestow me such a brilliant advisory. I advice my fellow traders community to subscribe there service and recover all looses in very short time with small capital. Warm Regards Rajiv menon Thirussur
14. | Karthikeyan.M on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:14 AM
With reference of my friend Rajeev. i have subscribed to a three months STOCK OPTION ZERO LOSS SETVICE from CALLPUTOPTION.IN. I was a bit scared before subscribing due to feque comments and reviews, but when i talked with their customer care person Astha he explained so good about market .I trusted him by saying this is my last chance in market as i loosed more than 12 lacs subscribe to other peoples. Now in AUG only i earned 6.2 lacs after all brokerage. i clearly understood why they give less call and how they maintain accuracy. I just want to say thank to them for making me millionaire! Their reports are reliable & trust worthy. I have recommended them too many of my friends & every persons is very happy by their services provided. Their true guidance to the investors & especially quick response to your query is really remarkable. THANKS CALLPUT
15. | krishna kant on 22 Jan 2018 at 11:05 AM
A colleague of mine introduced me to CALLPUTOPTION.IN website last year. At first I was not sure what to think of it, but the results speak for themselves. I've learned a lot already and continue to learn more every day. So I had log into the CALLPUTOPTION.IN. They are provided sure call and as they say they do it. I earn money with their calls so I thank for CALLPUTOPTION.IN. I am happy that I joined your company. And I do not find any kind of issues with their calls I have subscribed for many companies in my 5 years of trading experience. CALLPUTOPTION.IN tips accuracy is good. I am very happy with you company the way you treat your customers is really good and I want to say one more thing about your calls they are really good and no fake commitment thanks to you for all your support and definitely for calls. I'm really very grateful to CALLPUTOPTION.IN
16. | URMI on 22 Jan 2018 at 10:59 AM
Initially I had no knowledge about the stock option then my frnd told me about Callputoption.in. I thought that it would be so costly but when I checked the detail about this package it was so inexpensive. I bought this package in 9999 for 3 month and the capital required was only 30000. They provided me 90% accuracy and almost 100% intraday option tips. After purchasing this package I earned 93 thousand in a month… really it was great surprise for me.
17. | Bashir Khan on 22 Jan 2018 at 10:55 AM
HII guys let me share my experience in share market with you. I am doing trading from the last 2 years, i tried many companies advice but most of the companies are fake. When i came in contact with callputoption.in, i get good tips. Sometimes i have to bear loss which is also a part of the market. But i never lose my heart & always do trade from experts. At every month i found that i am in profit which is dream of every trader. So my experience is their calls awesome according to my view this company very very good. So friends it takes time to make profits and everyone is not so lucky to earn profits from first deal only have patience and keep watching. And always remember profit and loss they both are the two side of the coin of share investment.
18. | Kajal agarwal-Delhi on 22 Jan 2018 at 10:38 AM
Dear Friends am really happy to disclose that I earned more than 5lakhs from callputoption stock option zero loss service within my capital of 1lakh capital. Mr. Rohit from callputoption really help me to recover my all losses and now am very VERY happy to write my reviews here. My dear Traders please try once callputoption stock option service and ripe the benefit. KAJAL AGARWAL NEW DELHI
19. | dekhini basu on 22 Jan 2018 at 10:38 AM
I am very satisfied with the services offered by callputoption.in I have invested in large caps and small caps based on callput recommendations. I made handsome gains and also had incurred losses during market crash. Moreover I had profited during market bottoms and crashes by judiciously making use of those excellent buying opportunities based on your reviews and recommendations..
20. | B.M CHAWLA on 22 Jan 2018 at 10:28 AM
I have heard that for trading in share market knowledge is compulsory but its not so ...someone can avail this trading facility with CALLPUTOPTION.IN. This is the only company where u learns along with earning. I have tried 4 advisory in 2 years courier but neither I gained nor learnt anything. Then one of my cousin advised about CALLPUTOPTION.IN advisory, initially due to less capital I invested in nifty option and within one month my capital increased by 70% and also some loss was recovered. If I had tried CALLPUTOPTION.IN earlier I did not have to face such losses..However thank you CALLPUTOPTION.IN
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