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www.callputoption.in 26 Oct, 2017
i my name is yash, from karnataka, this is the true story of me anybody can contact me personal. i am small trader with a big dreams. but with less greedy in stock market. a executive from Capitalvia company called and started with his brave records of his great researchers ( in cheating people) and asked to join with them and make me a rich man and also he told that he will be in "second second of my breath" in follow-ups. and gave me one trail and which got clicked ( it’s a miracle) and he gave me another call and told i have to make profit and then pay his subscription 10,000 rs (part payment) and also he told it doesn’t mind he gives me 5000 rs profit but i have to pay 10000. he gave which was call of itc call option to buy at 7 and target of 8.and it was like when he called it was in 7.20. and then he told to cover in 7.90.which was not possible to trade and then he told i have to pay subscription 10000 or else he will be getting problem by his seniors ( chor ka guru maha chor) i didn’t have money.coz my investment was just 10000 which was my wife salary money. but he wanted me to pay from that capital money so that he told he will recover me it in a single day and not to worry. And i borrowed with local financier and paid for his hell company. and next day on12 th June 2017 he gave call of hero motors corp 3100 to buy at 66 and after buying within 2 minutes it was in 52.55. and then i called him he is telling just cover it in market price. i got loss of 2800 and same evening. Now am struggling to come out. no phone call from this rascal company.nuw because of this company to recover my wife money and financiers money. I am doing a part-time waiter job at hotel in the evening. One day I was sharing my financial problems with my friend then he suggests me to join CALLPUTOPTION.IN services. He told, he himself satisfied with the services from last 3 yrs, to hear this I too wanted to trade with CALLPUT but I was having only 10k capital and can't pay fee of CALLPUT for their services. So he suggests me to trade with him and I trade on 10 calls on CALLPUTOPTION.IN. And I can't believe I made profit of 40k so far. I am feeling so lucky myself that I got such a good friend and a good advisory. I pray God for CALLPUT company and their staff for their growth, their staff helped me in such a manner that I recovered loss and further I no need to do part time job also. I am sharing my experience just because you too no need to hurdle in finding a genuine advisory company. I am also not forcing you to join CALLPUT but I must say if you too want to invest in share market then must join CALLPUTOPTION.IN only for your future n for good profit. Thank you my friend and thanks CALLPUTOPTION.IN.
Posted by Yash Maheshwari
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1. | siva on 27 Oct 2017 at 02:21 PM
Very good company friends. I earned 85lakhs in 1.2 years. Now I bought a home in hyderabad and settled.
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