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www.a1intradaytips.in 20 Jul, 2017
I have tried www.a1intradaytips.in paid service for three months here is why you should not subscribe to it. It took me time to understand the way they work. It is true that they are very honest about their calls which worked or failed and they show it on their website clearly. But, behind this honesty we forget that we subscribe to them to make profits only and not losses. Read carefully.. I am not against or with them but this in and out of their service. Here are points you would like to know before you subscribe to www.intradaytips.com service 1. Most important point is their performance report shown on their website. If you check intraday calls, FNO calls and Jackpot calls profit, its almost greater than 50, 000 per month. But see the percentage of calls that were successful. It is less than 70-80% most of the time. So, then how is the profit so high? Here's how- When you receive a tip on sms from them, they always give two targets. For example, the tip says buy 700 shares of Tata Steel at rs. 570. Target 1 is 580 and target 2 is Rs. 590. By the time you get call, share is mostly trading rs.1-2 up maximum time. So, lets assume you buy 500 shares of tata steel at rs.57 2. Now, target 1 hits at 580. You will get sms from intradaytips.com saying 1st target hit and safe traders can book profit, risky can stay for 590. Now how do you know whether to stay for 590 target or no?? Its all luck hereafter. If you stay and share goes back to 570, then you are responsible for your loss. So, assume you sell at 580. But if the share goes and hits 590, then intradaytips.com will take the credit and send you sms saying 2nd target hit, and also add a 3rd target in the same sms. So, at the end of day, their performance report will show profit of 500*20=10, 000 whereas you just made 500*8=rs.4000 .. So, whereever profit is greater than 5000 on their performance report page, you can see that entry price and exit price is way apart and it is because their 2nd target is hit and you will never know when to wait for 2nd target. If you wait, and share reverses and you make nothing. But they have successfully fooled you in showing high profits. If target2 does not hit, they show target1 as profit on their website. So, they play it both ways to show profit. 2. If they are making huge losses in a month, then they ask you to buy in huge quanities to get themselves into proft. Check the Jackpot call performance report for the month of Jan-2010 and see a call where they asked to buy Tata Motor 5 LOTS and show a profit of rs.25500. I mean, 5 Lots??? You need almost 5-7 lakhs to but those 5 LOTS. If you bought just 1 lot, your overall month profit will be negative and look at their profits. Got the trick ??? Plus you can safely assume a difference of rs.1 in the share price by the time you recieve sms. So, again less profit. So, substract all this amount from Jan-2010 profit shown on their page and check out how much profit you could have made... Similarly, check performance report of intraday call for Oct-2009. They made huge losses and so they gave 1000 shares buy call for BankBaroda 28-oct. And you know what? They took it will target 3 and that is the profit that you see on the page. Infact, you and me would have exited at target1 itself and made much less money in that call. They do not guarantee any target after target1 but only claim credit for it if the target 2 and target 3 hits. 3. Same with Exit price. Sometimes even before stop loss triggers, they ask you to exit and exit price never matches with current market price of the share. For example, if you bought 500 tata steel shares at 570 and you got a sms asking you to exit at 565. If you check the share, it would be at 564 or even 563. So, they show loss of rs.5 per share whereas you made a loss of rs. 6-7 per share. 4. You have to take all three calls - jackpot, intraday and cash calls. Else you are no way going to make money. 5. BTST calls are very risky and pls pls dont take them. Check Jan-2010 page. They dont trade with a stop loss. How can one single yes bank call make you loss of rs.40000???? If it were you or me, we would have exited it long back. They had a chance to sell it another day, but they asked to exit out of yes bank 2 days later. Check the date yourself on the page. Plus, you will never be able to get the entry and exit price they give as I have written earlier. So your loss is even more.. If you work out all the above calculations, plus the brokerage, then you will end of in loss. As you can see, they have a complicated system where you are mislead to profits. So, I strictly suggest that you stay out of this a1 intraday tips provider. I have tried shyam advisory as well and it is more worse. Many people have written about it as well. Use technical analysis trading guys for intraday trading. Invest money in learning some tools and use it yourselves.
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Comments :
1. | Arunkumar on 17 Feb 2019 at 09:58 PM
Friends trust me Pls I beg you A1INTRADAYTIPS.IN is promisely Big FRAUD & CHEATER.pls don't avail free trails. IT was abig trap. I loosed more than 2lakhs. After payment this fraud guy block you & he post fake performance. I HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT A1INTRADAYTIPS TO SEBI SCORES. NOW AM GETTING SERVICE FROM CALLPUTOPTION.IN FROM LAST 5 DAYS GOING EXCELLENT I MADED MORE THAN 1LAKH. friends you can join CALLPUTOPTION.IN with full trust and contact RANJITH SIR 8825958698
2. | Anshul on 16 Sep 2018 at 03:03 AM
Hay guys yes it is 200% true A1 intraday tips is big fraud I too also trapped by his free trail. Pls don't avail his free trail.After subscription he will block your numbers won't answer properly. All his calls hit only Stoploss he update manipulative performance sheet on his website. Earlier he run www.intradaytips.com, www.saistocks.in which he closed due to sebi complaints. Now am looking to subscribe CALLPUTOPTION.IN my friend Anil already joined there service and he is earning excellent profits too. I request others to join callputoption and don't join this a1intradaytips.in and other fraud websites www.profitmresearch.com,wittytrades.com www.capitalheight.com
3. | Anitha montekar on 02 Sep 2018 at 02:08 AM
Friends it is 100% true A1intradaytips.in is big fraud. FREE TRAILS HE IS PROVIDING IS BIG TRAP. Don't fall prey to this bogus fraud tips provider. I too loosed more than 86000 in just 3 days trading. After subscription this bastard block list our mobile numbers. He post fake performance in his Web. Pls don't join him. NOW I HAVE JOINED CALLPUTOPTION.IN COMBO SERVICE JUST A WEEK BACK GOING GREAT AND I MADED MORE THAN 1 LAKH PROFIT. Guys go and join callputoption.in with trust.
4. | Mahalaxmi, chennai on 01 Jun 2018 at 04:24 PM
Myself Laxmi from Chennai. I honestly agree a1intradaytips.in is big fraud company. PLS friends don't join him. He provide free trail which is big trap for you.i too loosed more than 3 lakhs by trusting his trading tips. Every day was only loss making calls. He won't pick your phone call. After payment he put your number in block list. Now am taking service from callputoption.in from last 3 days. Earned more than 50k profits. Kindly others can join callputoption.in with trust and recover your losses too.
5. | Susanth sharma on 02 Apr 2018 at 04:52 AM
a1 intraday tips.com is a biggest fraud i got free trail from him and got trapped loosed 1.45 lakhs in 4 trading sessions .after reading this complaint forum joined callputoption.in last week and maded some bucks .looking very genuine advisory others can try them
6. | Srividhya on 07 Mar 2018 at 09:09 AM
Above comments are true only.i loosed 3.89lakhs by trading with A1INTRADAYTIPS.IN & PROFITAIM.COM.am frustrate after reading the positive comments regarding call put option i joined them last week by paying 9999 for stock option zero loss service .till now i earned 56000 profits .i request others too join this www.callputoption.in to recover your losses .
7. | Arun kumar on 25 Feb 2018 at 11:17 AM
Friends my name is Chirag sheth from Mumbai. This A1 INTRADAY TIPS is big fraud I taken free trail and join them by paying 8500 the result is I loosed 59000 in just 2 days. After payment this fraud bastard not attend my phone. Pls don't join A1 intraday tips and other fraud tips providers like PROFITAIM.COM,CAPITALHEIGHT.COM. NOW just a week back only I joined WWW.CALLPUTOPTION.IN the service was excellent I earned 72000 in just 4 trading days. OTHER traders can join callputoption. .
8. | Rajesh kumar on 25 Jan 2018 at 08:20 AM
Thanks lot Amit. Just a week back only I subscribed www.callputoption.in & started to recover my 3.75 lakhs. This is very good advisory firm I have ever seen.i loosed 3.75lakhs from various Fraud Tips provider like A1 intraday Tips, profitaim.com,callputguruin,WITTYTRADES.COM,CAPITALVIA.COM ALL THIS ARE BIG FRAUD COMPANIES. DON'T EVER THINK TO PAY. THX
9. | Amit on 10 Dec 2017 at 04:35 PM
This A1 intraday tips is fraud bustard. Don't join them I loosed 89000*. My name is Amit shinde from pune. Friends trust me I recovered my 89000 loss amount with call put option stock option trading tips. I trade in 2 lots my loss recovered in just 7 trading days itself. Mr. Ranjith who is my advisor is a great person he promised me and recovered my losses in special care. After recovering my loss am writing this feedback. Friends I honestly recommend this call put option to you all join them and recover your losses. Truth and honest advisors should be respected. Ranjith Ji is available in 8825958698. Charges are very reasonable
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