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www.valuenotes.com 13 Feb, 2010
Good website with Good Tips
Dear friends, People who are finding for some good tips can go to this website and find out various sources for tips some of which are very good stock tips providers which are providing good technical analysis ,i personally taken many from almost all of them and know the insides ,kindly mail me at div_Gupta43786@yahoo.com if anyone needs any suggestion for a particular website Thanks
Posted by divesh gupta
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www.intradaytips.com 12 Feb, 2010
fraud,madarchod,bhechod sala bastard looted 14.5 lacs with his false claims
Dont subscribe this bastard ,he is the biggest beggar of india ,beggars beg on street this bastard beg on internet and give so much false trust .i taken his subsription in 2009 during elections he sugested he has inside news to short nifty and hold position looted 1 lacs for this as his fees and then upper circuit in nifty i lost 13.5 lacs in two days after which this bastard says anything happens in stock market,one day he will beg on roads for mercy ,bastard sala
Posted by ajay sinha
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www.snpnifty.com 12 Feb, 2010
One man fraud show snpnifty and calloptionputoption same guy
Number of People are cheated by this company . bank account address is in kharghar ( new mumbai ) , mobile number from rajastan . only 1 person operating whole system . good thing is that they take nominal charges compare with other service provider ...google adword earn good money from this compay from advertisement - earn 10000 to 2,70000 in just 3 month .. www.calloptionputoption.com aslo owens this person
Posted by prashant kumar
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www.sharetipsinfo.com 12 Feb, 2010
Hi, sharetipsinfo.com is fake fake advisory firm. They told me 99% accurate calls 6600RS /month. I got 8 calls stoploss triggered out of 10 calls. I made huge loss, infact they give 2% stoploss, 0.6% target. So you need 3 calls to recover 1 stoploss, totally 4 calls waste. I felt its fake firm, they all kind of drama to convince you, I asked to speak to their clients, but he is also fake. regards,
Posted by shruti verma
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www.tradelessbutwise.com 12 Feb, 2010
Decent website with secent profits
This is one of the few good websites which has accuracy more than 70% one can try this to earn decent gains
Posted by sumit verma
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www.moneychakraa.com 12 Feb, 2010
Froud company dont subcribe
Earlier this company name was sun mercury ,since his name is caught and police filed fir against his name then he has changed his name totally manipulated website himself creating publicity .Traders dont subscribe already police and legal action against this website under process
Posted by himanshu
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www.vimalstocks.com 12 Feb, 2010
Biggest Fraud with Heavy Fees
Dear All, I have Made payment of Rs 40000 in Vimal Stocks, Ahmedabad, Gujarat against their platinum package The company have promised me the profit of 101000 in a month, but they have made me in loss of Rs 11.26 lakhs. Please help me to recover from these people
Posted by Farook sheikh
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www.sharetipsinfo.com 08 Feb, 2010
dont subcribe . past performance manipulated dont subcribe . past performance manipulated . fake bogus company ...
Posted by KUMAR
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www.stockmarketcomplaints.com 08 Feb, 2010
Everyone is Fraud ,Intradaytips lootes subscription and stockmarketcomplaints blackmailed
Hi friends, I am Dhiraj Patel from ahmedabad trading in stock market from past 9 years ,i am a regular traders and have seen all ups and down of market .In these up down i came across some stock tips provider some were good some were bad ,but one thing i may inform you all for your own safety we all want recommendation to trade and some are very good company who are providing tips.But now i know about all but there is one black jack between all these named as www.intradaytips.com who himself is creating a publicity by making a website www.stockmarketcomplaints.com. Friends beware of this fraud he not only charges money but gives absolutely rubbish tips ,with his new stock market complaints website he is the only person who has posted about himself as best. I may beware you the website look will give you feeling that they will help you to return your money but instead they insiderly charges heavy fees and exploiting the people by threatening either they pay their fee of 20000 or for posting comments they will post for the people posting only. Their is no official complain board in india other than the consumer court ,i again open your eyes ,we all know that this stocks market has profits as well as losses but do not and it means do not believe websites like www.stockmarketcomplaints.com ,surely you lost your time,money and peace of mind.My 9 years experience taught me learn self and make your own method for stock trading and beware of such blackmailing websites smartly created to ultimately kill the traders. Thanks Dhiraj Patel
Posted by Dhiraj Patel
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