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www.sirfpaisa.com 13 Feb, 2010
Fraudulent site, dupes customers.
Dear Sir, I had subscribed to the 3-month equity (cash tips) package worth Rs. 2500. During that period, I was sent tips, which were really baseless. Instead of earning profits, I suffered losses throughout, with every tip of theirs. The difference between the entry and exit point of their tips was hardly 50 paise to Rs. 1, which is really a cheating on their part. I have registered a complaint in the complaints section of their website also, but I do not think it will be of any use. Kindly take note of this complaint and take necessary action. Also, confirm to me about the developements. Thanks.
Posted by Shailesh P. Kulkarni
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www.shyamadvisory.com 13 Feb, 2010
Big scammer,Only looted moeny
Guys this is a big time looter in share market from ahmedabad with no nothing tips only faque tis is being provided,don,t subscribe this bastard,i am filling complaint to police
Posted by yogesh sharma
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http://www.commoditytipsonline.com/ 13 Feb, 2010
raud tips http://www.commoditytipsonline.com/
have been subscribes with http://www.commoditytipsonline.com/ the person who providing tips is kumaran, he is not an analyst but he is cheating people, he will give tips only in lead zinc if the tips have reached the target its our luck . he will give daily four to six tips in that 90% stoploss hit only 10% target reach, for making losses he will charge 3000/- per month, and wht ever he published in web site its totally fake he listed only profit calls not loss calls, he will give tips like lead buy 112.10 sl 111.80 tgt 112.40. only 30 paise or 40 paise target and stoploss are same (loss 30 paise gain 30 paise)even roadside begger boy also give tips like this, very easily stoploss or target will reach within seconds, as my expeirence with him 90% will hit stopp losss............ so be carefull.............
Posted by ram
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www.smarttradingtips.com 13 Feb, 2010
Friends After receiving lot of sms in my mobile from this rascal saying that today we made this much money in share market and given detail of the calls i subscribed for the service 2 months back the calls are so redicules most of tham touched the SL and lost lot of money HE IS THE BIG CHEATER IN THE SHARE MARKET
Posted by Raju Sawan
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www.nsebseadvisor.com 13 Feb, 2010
Poor timing of calls during market hours
I had joined nsebseadvisor.com some months ago, and was looking for some proper place to write about the scam they run thru internet of providing intraday calls for indian stocks. I have tried a lot of their services intraday stock calls, intraday nifty call (10000/- per month), visa calls (3000/- per call). The call they write in their performance sheet is true but timing is wrong, like if they write buy reliance 1100 SL 1080 tgt 1130 n u see tgt achieved tht day. But when u trade u will find that in real time by the time u get that call reliance wud be at 1115 or something like there. So, the risk reward ratio wud be fully changed. I tried all their calls and in every service whether call of stocks or nifty their timing is always wrong. At first they said server problems n then it kept on going like this. Then i joined one of their sure shot call service (of another their website Onlygainnsebse.com) in which they said 99% accuracy or double of subscription amount wud be returned. 20% call hit SL n when i asked for money they said u cant judge service in 3 days, but that was the time by which I had to submit request for cancellation. Calls that hit tgt their timing was again wrong. Leave the double amount they didnt returned the intial subscription amount. Everytime i called there was some1 new on phone. I also tuk visa call in which they cost 3000/- per call n give 1 call a day. So u give them 60000/- per month. They wud ask for 3000/- in advance, now if u have confidence in your call why u want advance, nobody is an idiot that it wud take 1 call n runaway. Sone ke ande dene waali murgi ko koi ek baar thode hi kaat ke kha jaayega. But i gave advance n then again bad timed call and SL also hit. Lost 10K that very day, caz they tell to buy heavy on those calls otherwise u wont make enough money to give 3000/- to them and also get profit. When i asked my money back which was promised, they again said no. I jst want to write this, that u can c their free trial but on basis of that dont join a service which u havent tried first. If they say they will return u the money they never will. I have lost a heavy amount on them. They are crooks, whole team. Just beware. Rest is ur decision as its ur money. thanks for this platform for people like us, Dilmesh Singh
Posted by dilmesh singh
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www.applestocks.com 13 Feb, 2010
Making fool to innocent people in the market of Share Trading It is the most important message to all the investors doing trading in shares & commodities (NCDEX/MCX) that beaware of the company based in Surat namely as M/s applestocks.com and the marketmovers , they people just giving false and baseless advisory tips to innocent investors.Dont vest ur money
Posted by SUDHEER
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www.niftybhavishya.com 13 Feb, 2010
Ranjit from Nifty Bhavishya is the biggest liar and cheater. I think Darshan Shah owner of Nifty Bhavishya and Vimal Stocks gives special training to his employees on how to cheat people. They are such liars and cheater. Never ever subscribe to them. God will teach them a lesson one day.
Posted by Deepak Rastogi
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www.equityfirecalls.com 13 Feb, 2010
Hi, EQUITYFIRECALLS.com is fake fake advisory firm. They told me 99% accurate calls 6600RS /month. I got 8 calls stoploss triggered out of 10 calls. I made huge loss, infact they give 2% stoploss, 0.6% target. So you need 3 calls to recover 1 stoploss, totally 4 calls waste. I felt its fake firm, they all kind of drama to convince you, I asked to speak to their clients, but he is also fake. regards, Parimal
Posted by PARIMAL
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stoplosstrade.com 13 Feb, 2010
STOP LOSS TRADE FROM HBJ USELESS HBJ Capitals StoplossTrade is a useless service. I lost 40% of my capital. Their success ratio is 20-25%. 8 out of their 10 calls hit stoploss. And the reason they provide is market is not good. They gave Ntpc Call option @4.7 and exited @1.5 almost 90% loss. They gave Suzlon call option @5.25 and exit @3.2 almost 80% loss. Dont even ask me about their nifty calls in the entire month of Jan out of 20-25 Calls barely 4-5 got profits that too 10-15 point profits and remaining all calls losses. They mention that we can get 20-30% on our capital which is a big lie. Coming to Jackpot calls totally 5 jackpot calls were given out of which 2 hit target and 3 hit Stop loss. they also give promotional calls for 3M and ask you to but more and more shares they asked us to buy artefact upto 125 and send a message saying market sentiment is poor please exit @110. I dont know if any one ever got profits from SLT/PEnny stocks/Multibagger pack from them. I now feel very bad as i subscribed to HBJ by paying 12k per month. Friends if you want to protect your hard earned capital listen to me dont subscribe to this lyers. On their website they say that we are different from others but they are far far worst than others. Please see some of the messages given PLEASE EXIT IN NIFTY FUTURE AT 5258. MARKET LOOKS WEEK
Posted by ramesh
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www.ntradayjackpottips.com 13 Feb, 2010
fraud tips provider
my name is jitendra parmar i am from gujarat, dear friends please this website pe kabhi bharosa mat karna . maine unki free trial li thi main inka such bata ta hun yeh log matlab mr manish jo owner hain intradayjackpottips ke. aap free trial ke liye register hote ho baad main yeh 50% logon ko jo bhi scrpt hoti hain oose by karvayenge or thodi der ke baad 50 % logon ko yehi scrpt sell karvayenge . jo bhi tips main jise fayda huva ho oose yeh log phone kar ke service joint karva te hain . or paid cliant ko fayda karva te hain or free trial walon ko nuksan karva te hain . for example ek din in logon ne lichousing ke share buy karne ko kaha tha oos hi din mai ne or mere dost ne free trial ke liye register kiya tha inki website pe. so mujhe buy ka message mila lichousing ka or 10 minute ke baad mere dost ko sell ka massage mila . to please yeh website pe bharosa mat kar na
Posted by jitender
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www.divinestocks.com 13 Feb, 2010
hi frds...i had subscribed www.divinestocks.com after paying Huge Subscription Fees..i lost rs 4 Lakh ...all Calls are ekdum Bogus...I called them they say why dint u cut at 1 rs difference and took 1 lakh shares....wht to say to this all calls just fail fail...i m saure they are also running vimalstocks both are same.......i lost my hard earned capital...frds u can decide they are parasites who feed on us...just ignore tht Assole....saurabh is owner just fooling people will be behind bars soon....
Posted by HITESH
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www.tradersorbit.com 13 Feb, 2010
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www.nsebsetrading.com 13 Feb, 2010
Posted by srini
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www.niftyfuturecall.com 13 Feb, 2010
froud sms froud past parformas
www.niftyfuturecall.com froud froud forud fourd sms froud past parformas dog harmi mother chod sir ye banda (niftyfuturecall ) mare complaint delte kar deta hi my mn 9915204288 manmohan from punjab.
Posted by man mohan
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www.thegoldsilverguru.com 13 Feb, 2010
Cheater ,Fraud
Traders my commodity traders do not subscribe to this website as they will not provide profitable calls and all calls will hit stop loss,beware of this fraudulent man
Posted by vishal verma
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www.10paisa.com 13 Feb, 2010
Some tips are good some are worst
Traders who want to invest can use their cheap service but beware they will give you 50% accuracy they are very smart no where have mentioned about their accuracy and shows only profitable trades on their websites.So tose who do long term investment can subscribe them with 50% success ratio
Posted by Anshul khannna
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www.growmoney.com 13 Feb, 2010
Sala Bastard apna naam change kake thelossmoney.com rakh fraud
Sale ab dekh tu mera 20000 vapas de aur saath me guarentee ke 50000 aur loss bhi,you bastard making me loss,sale tera sara paisa ud jae bhenchod.Teri bhi gand na maar di to mera naam rahul singh nahi
Posted by Rahul Singh
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www.marketbhavishya.com 13 Feb, 2010
Very good website providing Accurate Tips Services
I am trade in market from past 5 years from which i am following marketbhavishya from past 1 and a half years by trading in all their calls ,ultimatelly i reach to a 75-85% accuracy rate without any confusion ,yo may use this website for your trading purpose if you follow their calls strictly you may end up in decent profits
Posted by Neeraj Kumar
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www.squareindia.com 13 Feb, 2010
Decent Website with 75% accurate tips but no guarentee
Guys i may inform you that squareindia.com website provide decent tips in commodity markets but do not get fooled by money back guarentee as all that is just smart marketing stuff to catch clients attention.
Posted by prafull mehta
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www.niftviews.com 13 Feb, 2010
Please do not subscribe niftyviews no calls given
my fellow members remain alert some people are trying to fool inocent traders like us by given wrong information intentionally such that they can trade and earn profits ,i seen my self whatsoever they tell the tips goes in other direction ,remain alert of this luring free tips provider.
Posted by sakshi bansal
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