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tradetoprofit.in 17 Jul, 2011
Fraud fake performance
Fraud services He is a total fraud party. 1) All calls are late. He will tell to buy at 120 target 124, but it will be already 122.5 when you buy 2) His past performance report is totally fake, he put whatever data he wants. Don't see it and take subscription, u will cheated 3) Nifty calls full bogus, he shows whatever he wants, if you believe you are gone I made loss taking his package, everyone be careful - don't get trapped!!!!!
Posted by piyush
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calloptionputoption 17 Jul, 2011
Fraud Cheater Type ''calloptionputoption complaints'' in google
This calloptionputoption, i have tried recently for march. i have lost my huge money 80623 Rs. (eighty thousand six hundred twenty three Rs.) so I have compalined against this kaminaa. this idiot is cheating our india by using the name of Shri krishna. HALLA BOL!!!! against such dogs…. other we will loose our welth and helth and mentally depressed. I conclude that if one has to grow, then one has to use its own mind. Remember Barron Woffet suggested to invest money after knowing fundamentals of the company and never trade (this is gamblling) on 25th march when he is in india.
Posted by ramesh
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www.capitalheight.com 02 Jul, 2011
frud and fake
i subscribed for stock cash calls in capitalheight.com their calls no doubtly fake calls they given calls by seeing top gainer list.i asked them regarding thihey given a great answer that its my mobile problem.even i change my mobile and mobile operatper also even also same problem.please dont subscibe for that website.all fast performance are fake they given like this.i gave 30 mail to them one single reply is not reciver from them
Posted by jagan
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vprofit.in 02 Jul, 2011
Posted by haneef
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www.thepremiumstocks.com 02 Jul, 2011
Thepremiumstocks What the hell service and tips you are providing..There is no proper response from the no 9650959291 and online chat no proper response. Dont cheat public.. we are investing our money with lots of hope's. Today you have given tip SEASGOA to short @ 320 .. i have shorted 1500 shares @ 320 and i have lost RS 7500 and simply you have given BUY ABAN @ 818 and it came down to 810. Please refund my amount paid on 28/12/2010 Rs 6250/-, i dont want your tips and service. I dont want to waste my time and money. Thanks & Regards, Vijay Bhaskar Raju Mobil : +91-9962146469
Posted by vijay bhaskar
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www.calloptionputoption.com & snpnifty.com 02 Jul, 2011
Fraud cheater vignesh call me- 09840514184 Dont pay
Friends, I agree with you all. I am also a victim on calloptionputoption.com. I joined them in month on Jan & lost 1.5 lacs in JAN & FEB. There is one person named vikas or Vijay…who acts a representative of calloptionputoption.com. They are total fraud. Did anyone made 100% profit from calloptionputoption.com in any month? It looks to me that all there stattistics are fraud. Pleae mail me at Naveengggg@yahoo.com
Posted by vignesh
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www.niftystockoptions.com 02 Jul, 2011
NIFTYSTOCKOPTIONS.com is No.1 fraud website. I have lost Rs. 1.5 Lakhs in just 2 months. Few months back when I saw huge profit shown in their past performance So I decided to start subcription for OPTION JACKPOT Package. I paid Rs. 15, 000 for option package. Their are few calls which gives profit but many calls gives losses only. Slowly slowly I made a huge loss. And when I saw their March Series, 2010 Past Performance, I was shocked! Their past performance was totally fake. They are showing some other calls which they had never given. Then I subscribe to TRADERSDESTINY.COM option package. Their also few calls which gives profit but many calls gives losses only. I tried their service for 8 days. I got sms to buy Cairn PE at Rs. 3.50 & stop loss was Rs. 283 spot. So I buyied 6 lots. Next day Cairn was quoting at 283 and PE come to 0.50. I have lost everything. They dont even send me the sms to quit. I hold it for few days, hope that the price would come up. But few days later the price becomes 0.05. But in their past performance they didnt show Cairn PE. As the call gets 100% Loss. So I requested them to change my plan to Intraday Package. They told me that I have to pay Rs. 5000 as plan transfer fee. And I paid them Rs. 5000. In Future package they give 1 pre-market call at 8.58 am & another call at 9.01 am. Then within 10-15 min they send sms that Scrip X Target achieved Book Profit. They gave calls for eg. Short Dr. Reddy at 1280 Target 1275/1270/Lower SL 1290. That means they give only Rs. 5 as profit and Rs. 10 for loss. I didnt trade for that Future Package at all. Then I decied to subscribE PREMIUM PACK. I recieved call to Short PNB upto 995-1005. I short it at 995. For 2 days it was not showing much movement. I reveive a sms to Book Profits when it was at Rs. 1003. So I excited from that call and made a huge loss. After few miniutes they send me sms to Book Profits when it was at 993. Then after few minutes they again send me sms to Book Prfoit when it was at 985. And In their past performance they shows PNB short at 1005 & exit at 985. How they can send 3 different sms to Book Profit at different prices. That means they do not have any technical knowledge at all. Like this within 2 months I lost Rs. 1.5 Lakhs in trading and Rs. 20, 000 + Rs. 15, 000 + Rs. 5000 + Rs. 25, 000 = Rs. 65, 000 as just for subscription. I think no one can be so Fool like me who had Paid Rs. 65, 000 as subscription fee for these No.1 fraud websites. I Requested my friends not to subscribe these websites. Please dont go for their past performance, they are all fake. If some one feel that I am telling lie then please mail me, I will show u my contract notes.
Posted by vijay
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rajan parshotam bhai seta 24 Jun, 2011
Great Cheater
I have paid Rs 10000/- to Rajan Parshotam Bhai seta, residing at gujrat as advance, for sureshot tips.But after 15days passed he neither receive any phone call nor give me any tips. he is maintaining his bank account with SBI, Mahuva Branch A/c. No.10933982527 and his Mobile No. is 09662003101. I am requested to all please dont pay any amount to this type of cheater.
Posted by Manoj Mukherjee
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www.intradaytips.co.in 19 Jun, 2011
cal to me an exicutive from siddhi stock and give a free trial . and they told me that cal is 100% sure and that cal take the target.and am joined to that compani and after give false tips my loss 60000
Posted by Aasish Joseph
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www.trade less but wise .com 16 Jun, 2011
In trail and also in starting tips was good but later on very very worse tips which causes heavy loss.They are telling that they are intraday but not giving actual what to do at the last. I hope they
Before subscription of TLBW , daily i was receiving sms that 19k or 15 k ,or 20 k benefits by their messages .Then I took Rs3000 subscription for one month.In starting it was quite nice as i was doing only for 50 or 100 shares. Later on i got the message that by paying Rs 4250 i will get 3 months subscription as 50 % concission. Then i got in their trap
Posted by syed amjad ali
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www.thepremiumstocks.com 27 Mar, 2011
Hi, This is Jinesh.. my registered mobile number is 9866799255 and e-mail address is jinesh250589@yahoo.com. I have registered for TPS Nifty premium pack. I wanted to inform you that... you have provided a call on 15/11/2010. "TPS OPTION BTST : BUY NIFTY 6200 CE AT CMP TGT 55/65 HOLD ON AND BUY MORE NEAR 36-38 LEVELS EXIT WILL BE GIVEN" But you did not gave any exit call or stop loss. i think it will not be provided any more.. I wanted to tell you that i have invested 55000 in this call and today value of this is just 4500/- Now i have nothing to invest....! So you can stop providing tips to me... because i don't want to loose any more..! You know what i don't trust you at all.. and i am not going to suggest any one to take tips from so called "THE PREMIUM STOCKS". Good for you that you earned at least 7500/- from me for loosing my 50K. Thanks so much for providing such calls. Can you forward this e-mail to the owner of THE PREMIUM STOCKS. Jinesh
Posted by JIGNESH
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www.optionmultibagger.com 27 Mar, 2011
Fraud company no response
Dear readers, I came across an interesting fact that i want option tips and thus i applied for options multibaggers services.they did not provide me with any other land line no. they had just got one mobile no that to most of the time no one picked up or no one replies one day it was switch off till 12pm.i had deposited payment in there account and when i was calling them they are not at all interested in listening to me. i don't know why this company is in the market if they don't want business i think they are just fraud person who use to just do copy paste of calls.today is my 2nd day and i had jet not any call from them hope for the best.
Posted by kapil pal
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www.calloptionputoption.com 27 Mar, 2011
Calloptionputoption cheaterss...fuckers...sucking dickz
hello indians...i am 24 years old...i had 3k for their serivice fot tips in stock options....they dnt know anything...believing their past performance...i put my entire money and lost....believe me....i doubt they having more sites.... now they r telling its not performance and its examples.....i was never fed up with anyother sites.....3 k for their is fine...but believing them we will put our entire money....i didnt omplaint against them as i from ker and they r from north side....but plz dnt lose ur money too..
Posted by Chotani,kerela
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http://www.thepremiumstocks.com 04 Feb, 2011
fraud monthly performance please do not subcribe
Thepremiumstocks.com -this complaint is just to bring formal attention to everybody that please do not subscribe to this site.All the information updated on this website is totally bogus and totally contrary to what calls they are giving i will provide some I AM JUST GIVING FEW EXAMPLES to prove the authencity.i have got all the SMS still saved in my INBOX.Please initiate a FIR and also let me know in case any additional information is required i will provide teh ample evidence. More concerning thing is that these type of activities are going on without any legal action being taken upon which could harm financial damage to thousands of people like me.Additionally i have also confirmed the refund policy before joining which they confirmed taht they will refund the amount in case i am not satisfied within first 30 days. i have sent 2 reminders but no response.i will provide all teh data in case anybody requires that.Ready to help to stop it further
Posted by ashu
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snpnifty.com and calloptionputoption.com 03 Feb, 2011
Fraud Done to me Dont join
SNPNIFTY has given false information on their website they update false profit points and lure customers to buy their reccomandations, after i paid for the reccomandations i lost all my money by following their calls, the said buy nifty at 5945 no stoploss required and they didnt mention anything till it went down to 5646 meanwhile they only say "hold dont panic" , and later they asked to square off at 249 points loss which is Rs 12450 loss per lot, for 5 lots its a loss of 62250, and they dont even update the losses on their website purly trying to cheat the pubic. PEOPLE KINDLY BEWARE
Posted by hitesh
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www.sbaasl.com & www.pyramidstocks.com 03 Feb, 2011
Sbaasl is extremely frude site. It gives not only fake performance but it hikes profit and hide losses that ts why there performance looks awesome.In august I TOOK THEIR BUBSCRIPTION i am in -30points loss as per their tips but they are in profit in past performance.when we get 18 points profit they showed 46 points profit on 16/8/2010.for further 3 days I got loss as stop loss hitted but they showed profits.on 13/9/2010 and 14/9/2010 when market crossed 5800level they did not give any call but I am sure they will show fake performance.I joined it on 16/08/2010 monthly package I am still in loss but they are in profit.I am posting this on14/9/2010 you check their performance.I am posting against them again and again bucause I GOT CHEATED BY THEM AND I DO NOT WANT ANYBODY GET CHEATED BY THEM.IF I WOULD HAVE GOT PROFIT THEN WHY SHOULD I POSTED AGAINST THEM?
Posted by arunprasad
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calloptionputoption 03 Feb, 2011
Misguiding peoples with fake performance
try trade4target.com.their past performance is not fake and they update everyday after market hours.first try to trade with minimum amount. calloptionputoption site is misguiding us with fake past performance.i have recently tried their mid cap tips for a month just to lose a certain amount.as you all said he is cheating people using the name of sree krishna.i sent them many mails seeking some clarificationbut all in vein.better aviod calloptionputoption. regards, emmanuel joseph
Posted by emmanuel josph
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www.calloptionputoption.com and snpnifty.com 03 Feb, 2011
Froud person vijaygupta Beware!!
maadarchod saale sab bahanchood hai copo ko le lo ya Snpnifty ko le le ya sala kisi ko bhi le le sab bahn ke gaandu hai ....chutiya samjhte hai hume nd laude hum bhi to chutiye hai jo inke chakar me pad jaate ...sala 10000 ka 2.7l ho jaaye to kameene saale khud kyu tips de kisi ko ...maine sabko use kiya hai nd i got only loss .....bt yaha complain karne se bhi koi faayda nahi kon jo in pe action liya jaayga ...chal hi raha hai in bahan chodo ka dhanda ....
Posted by arunprasad
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www.thepremiumstocks.com & www.optionmultibagger.com 03 Feb, 2011
Another big time fraud entered the stock tips providing game by starting two websites.How I came to know this is just by luck. I talked to both,checked from www.who.is when they started their website, email id of both of them is Risabh.jjain@gmail.com. They recently started both www.thepremiumstocks.com and www.optionmultibagger.com. At thepremiumstocks.com one lady answering your calls from delhi saying his head office is in Delhi. At optionmultibagger.com has a men answering from Bangalore. And in yahoogroups and all they post planted questions - eg. Is thepremiumstocks.com good service provider? Profit from optionmultibagger.in etc...and a guy in same name responds saying -'I too maded 3.8 lakh etc"...check www.optionmultibagger.in Payment section. Subscription is paid in the name of pankaj.
Posted by Sandeep Kumar
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www.calloptionputoption.com 27 Jan, 2011
Posted by ANKIT
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