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www.deeplaxmi.com 29 Oct, 2010
Commodity broker
His name Navdeep Goyal, ye bande ne mcx exchange mein member ship le rakhi hai, iski maa ki chut maru saala logo ka paisa lete hai trading karane ke liye AUR dibba karata hai, profit hai to bhi uska , loss hua to immandari se uska , My self ashish maine commodity trading account open kiya tha uske company mein, form submit kiya, chq diya, madarchad trading start bhi kar diya, jab payment withdrawl karne ko kaha maine to uski maa chudne lagi, madarchad kahata hai ki court mein case kar do maine paymeny nahi dunga, phone karne pe phone nahi uthata hai, kabhi baat bhi karta hai to karte hai ki maa bimaar hai ta kabhi bahenchudwa rahi hai, usne ulta mujhe par complaint kar di ki main call kar ke jaan de marne ki dhamki deta hu, So all Indian Trader BEWARE, DEEP LUXMI COMMODITIES SCO 142, 1st floor, opp. ludhiana stock exchange, feroze gandhi market, LUDHIANA: 9915039600,9915039700,0161-4685400
Posted by Ashish
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www.vimalstocks.com 08 Oct, 2010
Hi, Today I have decided to share my past several months experience in Stock Market Tips Providing companies. I have been trading in share market for last 4.5 years and have taken services of several tips providing companies. I am going to share the worst experience of mine. Agent name: Nidhi Company: Fraud vimal stocks 2 months ago I got a call from a girl stating that we are operators and we will take 30% profit, we will provide daily 2 calls but both will be 100% sure shot. I did not believe her then she said that she will provide one day Trial call on which I agreed upon. Next day around 10 a.m. she asked me to buy 100 shares of Maruti at certain price and gave me target for +10 rs of the purchase price. Whole day past but nothing happened, it was trading at my purchase price. She called me at 3 P.M. that Sir, please hold for few more minutes you target will come and after 3:15 it started firing and suddenly my all shares sold, it was really amazing. I was impressed and then she asked whether I am going to join now or not. Definitely, who will not join? I joined them. From the next day I started trading in 1 lot because she said that yesterday it has been demonstrated that they are operators. I took risk and played and it was again successful trade. Trading goes on and I started trading with 5 lots. Everyday I was minting thousands and thousand of money. I started dreaming to become millionaire because for continuous 20 days I was in profit. Our deals was 30%, they started asking me to deposit in advance from 10th day onward. I paid them but then they started asking to deposit first 20,000 rs then they will give me the call. I denied, I said first give me call then I will give. Thatís it guys, now see what they did with me. Only 1 or 2 calls were gave me profit. My first loss was for 80,000/- in 5 lots of TATA MOTRORS short at 820. they said donít worry sir, we will recover everything. I had believed on them. Another loss in TATA MOTORS for 40000/- rs. I was shocked, I stopped trading and I started fighting with them that what happened why I am incurring loss. They said just wait sir we will definitely recover all your loss. After few days she again called me to short JSW STEEL, I did that and incurred again 15000/- loss. I fought with them again. Then again she called e few days later to buy HDFC in which again I incurred loss. Finally today I m end up with loss of 1.5 lakh rs just because of that bitch. I have lost all profits and paid from my pocket this huge loss. Can we do something with these fraud guys. Do anyone has link with SEBI if he can pass this information to them. I do not want anybody to loose their hard earned money on these crapped people. Really finally they will take all your money from your pocket. She call me every week to trade she wants to made me bankrupt. I have all the proofs like contract notes, I used to transfer everyday money to their account from my ICICI bank account number. I want these guys to be caught for befooling customers. Please someone let me know who we can stop this!!! My email id is parag684@gmail.com Today I am really sad that I trusted that bitch. I am a looser
Posted by subbu
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calloptionputoption.com 26 Sep, 2010
cheating tips provider
calloptionputoption is extremely frude site. It gives not only fake performance but it hikes profit and hide losses that ts why there performance looks awesome.In august I TOOK THEIR BUBSCRIPTION i am in -30points loss as per their tips but they are in profit in past performance.when we get 18 points profit they showed 46 points profit on 16/8/2010.for further 3 days I got loss as stop loss hitted but they showed profits.on 13/9/2010 and 14/9/2010 when market crossed 5800level they did not give any call but I am sure they will show fake performance.I joined it on 16/08/2010 monthly package I am still in loss but they are in profit.I am posting this on14/9/2010 you check their performance.I am posting against them again and again bucause I GOT CHEATED BY THEM AND I DO NOT WANT ANYBODY GET CHEATED BY THEM.IF I WOULD HAVE GOT PROFIT THEN WHY SHOULD I POSTED AGAINST THEM?
Posted by raman
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www.calloptionputoption.com 26 Sep, 2010
On 25 july 2010, when I was seeing calloptionputoption website and their various package with past performance I realy very glad and I blindly joined with them for a package by paying RS.15000 in ICICI bank accounts at PUNE branch. When I recieved 1st call on 9 april it's stop loss hitted. On 12 april again call stop loss hitted, from 9 april 2010 to 9 may 2010 only 15 calls are recieved of which 10 calls stop loss are hitted. When I checked their april 2010 performance report I realy shocked because whatever calls recieved are not mentioned in report defferent types of call performance are given. Sometimes I tried to call them but they are not picked up my call, it means that COPO are fully cheated and fradulant team. Their performance report are fully manifilleted and confuse to existing clients, if those who are joined to COPO thinks 100 times . Bhagavan onhe kabhi maf nahi karega, they person definitely die on a road accident.
Posted by JEYESH
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www.gsscommodity.com 16 Sep, 2010
hatts OFF
once again HATTTTTTSSSS off I never seen this type of fraud company as i loosed 4.7 lacs pls dont join this c ompany.
Posted by Nitin Jain
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www.calloptionputoption.com 14 Sep, 2010
Calloptionputoption.com is big fraud & cheating company. They have taken Rs.3000/- from me promising 4 times profits with their option predictions. I have lost 5 times & they are not repaying my loss money I am now in Rs.67,000 loss. Please let me know how to get my money back & also request & recommend others not to entertain this fraud 420 forgery tips providing company
Posted by Tena
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calloptionputoption.com 14 Sep, 2010
Calloptionputoption is FATHER OF ALL FRAUD YOU know he is really lazy guy.He never update his past performance.It is sept.now still he is showing july performance I think he does not have calender.Other lazy fellows are VIMALSTOCKS,SBAASL,niftyfuturecall, niftyandoption, niftyfuturemaster this laziest guys are stuck in june-july month only perhaps these people take time to manipulate the results.Otherwise their past performance are so glorius that they should be eager to show their performance daily, isn"t it? Ihave tried so many companies but all are frauds e.g.calloptionputoption.com(father of all frauds)Snpnifty, sbaasl, every company have different trick to fool people .We assume that those companies who show regular past performance they are genuine or pfofit making but it is not so.On 2nd august I had subscribed 4different companies simultaniously niftymania, greenfinancials, stockdunia, go4nifty but all hitted stoplosses .1or 2 out of 10tips got profit.over only loss...losss..losssss... beware of go4nifty.com it shws fake performance .when we got 18points they showed 46 points profit on16/08/201 till now I am in negative points as per their SMS BUT they are showing profit above 130 points in august because they show fake profit and they do not show stoplosses .they show 7/8 calls per month, actually they give calls daily but only 6/7calls give profit Just look at their past performance.your eyes will widened.But beware do not trust it.Greenfinancials ne loss karawanene ki kasam khayi hai when market is up these people give put option and wait to market come down, when market goes down they give call option and prey to market go up .These are real foolish people alwys trade against trend and book losses moreover funnist part is they are going to increase fee from 2200/- to 8000/-p.m.It is not worthy to pay 80/-per anum on what basis these fools are expecting so much money from people are we so fool?In august they gave14 calls out of which 10 hitted stoploss (Bulls Eye)WHAT A PERFORMANCE FOR THES THEY ARE CHARGING 8000/- HOW SHAME LESS PEOPLE??????????????????????
Posted by SANJAY
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www.trade4target.com 14 Sep, 2010
Trade4target- vKing in sureshot tips
Trade4target is king in sureshot tips Yup i agree am with them from 2 years above my hubby who is a software engg working in a infosys as a senior programmer making 3lac bucks but with trade4target sureshot believe or not believe we ourselve making 6lacs-8lacs bucks per month.. They solidly rocks!!!! god bless you sirs!! Sangeetha Bangaluru
Posted by sangeetha
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www.sharemarkettipsking.com 14 Sep, 2010
Posted by dravid .j
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www.calloptionputoption.com 14 Sep, 2010
Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, Performance sheet manipulated, iso certification false, scammer Frds im Warning U All who come ackross www.CALLOPTIONPUTOPTION.com there i deposited 3k grands...now no reply nobody addressing me...when i call they cut the phone or keep aside..i was lured by them now no response at all...its 2 months..now i am frustrated no reply...all just collecting money...from my sources i found the adress mentioned on there bank details is also Bogus..its a Coaching class...they are bastards not replying me...plz anyone can tell me wht shu;d i do now...i have also registered an Complaint in Police Station...
Posted by RAMKUMAR
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calloptionputoption.com 14 Sep, 2010
Hey, People Who want to subscribe Calloptionputoption Dont subsribe them. They r making fool ..... This r their people and posting good thing of calloptionputoption Which is not correct ..i loosed 9 lacs they r making FOLLLLLLLLLLL u Please dont subscribe to this idiots...
Posted by balu
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www.calloptionputoption.com 14 Sep, 2010
Calloptionputoption is Fraud
Calloptionputoption is a big fraud sir,my name is sunil iam from karnataka.a person called sanjay ,whose cell number is -09373645869 ,got my 10,000 which i transferred him through bank regarding tips. but now his phone is switched off.i have his friend no,when i called his freind,he said ,that fellow(sanjay) is owner of snpnifty & calloptionputoption sir plz tell me,what to do.sorry for my poor english
Posted by sunil
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www.intradaytips.co.in 14 Sep, 2010
Fraud Activities Bogus Tips
Hello Friends, Beware of www.intradaytips.co.in. they have changed there phone no. from 9426046144 to 7738480377. these people are Fraud thats why they have changed phone no., Ask 4 a free Trial b4 joining them , they wont give u bcos they are fraud, Save ur money. My earlier complaint was as follows: Hello Friends, I am Sonu From New Delhi, I had subscribed to www.intradaytips.co.in by paying Rs 6000/- for a trial of 15 days in their Bank of Baroda, A/c. GULABRAI JEEVANDASS MODI A/c no. 03680100005935, Date 5 July 2010 New Delhi branch. They took the money but didn't start my service for 8 days. I called at 09426046144. more than 500 times, sms them, email them but no response. Finally they started but i was shocked the call they give are in totally loss, it doesn't match with wat they show on website performance, its fraud, they don't pick phone, don't ans ur e-mail. if u send sms to them it never reaches them. In fact they make performance after market closes, they see which share rise or goes down n accordingly prepare and put on website.. in fact its a cartel of many websites... they have also www.intradaytips.in. www.sahilmodi.com. www.krinaweb.com. www.sarasindia.in. This guy is based in Jamnagar(Gujraat), i have his full address and i will launch a police complaint in Delhi Crime Branch. i will tell u his all phone nos. 09426046144., 9987650960, 9967811491, 8097603313 They have one more Bank A/c , AXIS BANK, HARDIK N JANI A/c No. 175010100107785 ANYBODY WANTING TO JOIN WWW.INTRADAYTIPS.CO.IN PLS ASK 4 A FREE TRIAL OF 2 DAYS, THEN U WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, THEY WONT GIVE U FREE TRIAL AS THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUD N CHEATERS So beware of them, Donít subscribe to them.Save ur money. Thanks
Posted by ashla
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www.calloptionputoption.com 06 Sep, 2010
Fraud activities fake tips 4lacs loss
calloptionputoption is fraud me too loosed 4 lacs rs in his fake tips
Posted by riyaz
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www.go4nifty.com 05 Sep, 2010
frauds and cheaters
i had joined their stock options as they had shown their performance record that they give less but accurate calls. but to my surprise they dont show losses out of five calls only two gave profits but without reaching their target. in the month of july tata steel PE they show that bought at 11.5 and sold at 13.3 but in reality it was bought at 11.9 and after two day holding i was told to exit at 12 now u tell me where is the profit. they didnt show the wipro 408 PE bought on 2oth jul which they kept on telling to holdtill expiry and which became zero. so plz plz beware and save ur capital because after 4 to five calls i stopped working on their calls thats why i got away with less loss. so BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE.
Posted by beena shetty
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www.sbaasl.com 03 Sep, 2010
I have also fallen in the trap of SBAASL- Shyam Advisory. I am a paid member of Shyam advisory and I paid 15, 000/- for 2 weeks of service. The first day (4th January 2009) they gave me a dont miss..SELL SELL SELL for silver. I sold one lot and waited suddenly in the evening I saw a loss of 12, 000/- rupees because that day silver went up. The next day an executive called me to sell zinc and the message was SELL SELL SELL as many lot as possible. To cover up the loss I made the previous day I sold 2 lots of zinc and within 1 hour I saw that I was facing a loss of 13, 000/-. My total loss in 2 days was 25, 000/- and plus the 15, 000/- rupees that I paid them ...total I was facing a loss of a staggering 40, 000/- in 2 days. The next day they gave me a tip to Buy silver again. I was really worried I did not buy silver but wanted to see if their tip really worked and thank God I did not buy silver that day. Silver fell and I would have bought silver I would have faced a loss of 12, 000/- again. I request to everyone not to fall in Shyam Advisory advisory's trap. I have burnt my finger and lost 40, 000/- in two days...Shyam advisory should be sent to jail for fooling common investor
Posted by kabir
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www.calloptionputoption.com 03 Sep, 2010
Fraud fake tips
dear friends i will totally agree i am also big loser bcoz of calloptionputoption they are no one fraud i ever seen in my life i lost 2.5 lakhs + 3000 i request u all my stock market friends please please don subscribe with them and loose ur hardworking money please i request you all ...if possible any one take legal action on them many people are affected now i am have zero money in stock market
Posted by hatim
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www.calloptionputoption.com 29 Aug, 2010
Fraud, fraud, fraud copo is big fraud myself loosed 8 lacs This is for all who engaged in stock market and trade on daily, if you got contact number of calloptionputoption or address of this authorised person just inform for further process. I trade in equity, fo daily wroundabout 10, 00, 000/- turnover
Posted by sathish
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www.divinestocks.com 28 Aug, 2010
using fowl language
Divine stcoks gave free trial on friday then asked me to pay subscription which I said that I wud pay by saturday. I get calls early sat morn regarding payment. I did not ans first few calls since I was busy. Finally, fed up with their calls I then told Divince stocks that I was not interested in their services 4 which i was called a HARAMI
Posted by mohd iqbal
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www.rushabhstocks.com 26 Aug, 2010
CHEATERS FOR INTRADAY CALLS They are not giving proper guidance in intraday trading, i got a loss of 50000 in three days due to their bad judements about stocks. Do not give them any money only take trial services by changing your mobile numbers. once you pay them they will never take care. TOTALLY FRAUD.
Posted by RAJUDEEN
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