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www.capitalvia.com 11 Mar, 2013
Guranteed Money Back
(Note: company not refund my amount after loss.) Dear Gagan As you say to me that i will got profit of 10% Minimum after deduct my whole expence Like Your company expense, net expense and all the brokrage . But there is no any expences deduct in my Profit and loss . your some calls are on single point there is no profit but your company add this amount in my profit but actually this not give me profit its loss of brokrage only . so kindly take care about it and as per discussion with you company refund my money but there is many problems in refund. so please call back me and short out my problem as soon as possible. Shailendra singh Mob:9984766661,9305571749 --- On Fri, 8/3/13, shailendra singh wrote: From: shailendra singh Subject: Details of Issues To: support@capitalvia.com Cc: Spushplata77@yahoo.com Date: Friday, 8 March, 2013, 2:25 PM Dear sir As per your mail you demand me that I show you my losses so i am sending you this mail with proper details . According to your call details Total calls 57 Profit in 36 calls Ammount 78560/- Loss in 19 calls Ammount 50010/- 2 call have no profit & No Loss Ammount 000/- According to me Your call details: Total calls 68 Avoid ,Exit & Stop loss calls 46 Ammount(Minimum) 50010/-(According to you) Profit Calls 22 Ammount 66290/- Brokrage of 68 calls By & sell Ammount (Minimum)13600 /- *(( 68*2=136 calls *100/- Min.= 13600/- )) Your Monthly charge =10000/- *( 30000/3=10000/-) Net Profit Or Loss = (((66290-50010)-13600/-Brokrage)-10000/ your monthly charge) = --7320/- Note: 1-You give me the loss amount of 7320/- according to your given calls 2- I calculate on average of single lot sell & By calls of brokerage but in many calls there are advised for 2 lots sell or by. 3- I say to you always that I can’t trade in Silver & gold but in above details I consider your all both calls. 4- your employee Mr. Gagan gupta Tell me that we give you 10% guaranteed on your Amount after deduct your all expenses like Capital via Expense 10000/- MLY. And all the brokerage (0.2paisa) + my InterNet Expense also. 5- I am telling you from the third day of subscription that I am not satisfied with your services and your employee say to me that please give me one month for any clarification. If you need any clarification then you tell me I will provide all the details Ex. Sms etc. Shailendra singh Mob:9984766661,9305571749 --- On Thu, 7/3/13, shailendra singh wrote: From: shailendra singh Subject: Fw: Issues of satisfaction To: Support@capitalvia.com Cc: Spushplata77@yahoo.com Date: Thursday, 7 March, 2013, 10:19 AM Dear sir as per tickt no i have an issue of satisfaction and I complain again and again but no body care about it and you say that your call ratio is Approx 80-90 % but its totaly wrong . and send me my profit & Loss sheats where i clarify that you give me the profit of 26000/- in Feb month. I am not satisfied with your answer For Example (1)- you give me (4) four calls for trade on 04/03/2013 and your all the calls done stop loss .(2) In starting my subscription i feel that you give me profit but after one week i get that i was wrong because from 30/01/2013 to 11/02/213 i receive approx 25 calls in these 8 trigered stop loss,10 calls for avoid & 7 calls give profits how you can say that your calls are accurate and why I can't back my money with you give me the answer in details through mail or written. My Registered Mobile No. is 9984766661 If you have no Answer then please return my money 30000/- as soon as possible . Shailendra singh Mob:9984766661,9305571749 --- On Fri, 1/3/13, shailendra singh wrote: From: shailendra singh Subject: Issues of satisfaction To: support@capitalvia.com Cc: Spushplata77@yahoo.com Date: Friday, 1 March, 2013, 9:39 PM Dear sir as per trail mail i am not satisfied from starting to till date so i am kindly expect to you that you help me and return my money as soon as possible as per your policy told by you to me by Mr. Gagan gupta & Miss Shardha .Before sending this mail i talk to Miss Shardha for my satisfactions issue and she tell me that she help me after one month of subscription . so please kindly reverse my money (Amount 30000/-) back in my HDFC Bank A/c. 02841000120596 Gorakhpur Bank road branch , Thanks & Regards Shailendra singh Mob:9984766661,9305571749 --- On Tue, 12/2/13, shailendra singh wrote: From: shailendra singh Subject: satisfaction issues To: support@capitalvia.com Cc: Spushplata77@yahoo.com Date: Tuesday, 12 February, 2013, 12:30 AM Dear sir I again Request to you that please refund my money because your maximum call Hit stop loss or avoide the call it did not execute msg i got your accuracy ratio is very bad I not satisfied with your call so please refund my money .Registered No. Is 9984766661. Shailendra singh Mob:9984766661,9305571749 --- On Sat, 2/2/13, shailendra singh wrote: From: shailendra singh Subject: satisfaction issues To: support@capitalvia.com Cc: Spushplata77@yahoo.com Date: Saturday, 2 February, 2013, 1:02 AM Dear sir I kindly inform to you that i am not satisfied with your service so please refund my money ammount Rs. 30000/- which is paid by me in two parts (5000+25000). I give this ammount on 29th of Jan2013 through bank deposits and service start date is 30th of jan 2013. So I kindly request to you that please refund my money as soon as possible and i want to close this contract as soon as possible Thanks & Regards Shailendra singh Mob:9984766661,9305571749
Posted by shailendra singh
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www.smartmoneyinvestment.com 23 Feb, 2013
Hey guys, I know this SMI and website www.smartmoneyinvestment.com which is from Ambala run by Dheeraj who is into real estate business in Gurgaon... Its so nice to get duped by seeing operator based calls, news based tips, jackpot etc in their website. There are posts in different blogs/websites by Akshay, Neeraj and Nikki Bakshi,Anushka...etc All are dummy names, fake names.IN their posts at separate places they claims that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, SP tulsian and all are trading based on SMI tips (Biggest joke of Indian Stock market) and one Paaji also posts fake (saying he is NRI and from Canada) on behalf of SMI and recommending Dheeraj .. ohh sorry Rajveer (rajveertips@rediffmail who posts saying BID ON HORSES NOT ON DONKEYS etc) as the God who can create magic and make you billionnaire. He is not Rajveer, his name is Dheeraj Dhawal. Pseudo name to ensure that we ride on DONKEY only after depositing money in the bank he suggests IDBI Bank in his name of Dheeraj Wadia.. Recently he started Stock Future plan also..You have to pay him 50 thsnd as advance, have to trade in 10 lots and pay him 30%. Last call was superb, on 20th Feb...Shorted FIVE lots of ICICI Bank and gained 7400 as profit...Woh, amazing, mind blowing performance. Well let me come to the point and explain in detail and at least alert prospective NRI's, HNI clients not getting duped. This is another SCAM in the making after the scam that shook stock market last year by Stock Guru india. I will explain every thing point wise. a) Haan its true their calls were performing in 2011. Calls on IFCI and RPOWER are known to me, my friend traded. But other calls mentioned in their facebook account is not true, I have not heard about Mangalam Cement etc.. Check face book account and see all posts begining 2011 - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Smart-Money-Investment/167691379924672 b) My question is to Akshay on the post in http://www.xiangchahui.com/who-is-best-stock-tips-provider-19099/#respond My dear friend, you are with SMI for 4 years...good but tell me when have they given you one Life Capital at 200 Rs. An Year back right. Today is 19 Feb 2013. So in Feb 2012 you mean? One Life Capital was never traded lower than Rs.200 in 2012. For two days in Dec 2011 it traded. But there was no Mega Jack Pot call of SMI between June 2011 TILL Feb 2012. So when did you get this call? Further you tell me on the performance posted by www.smartmoneyinvestment.com on their home page about Wockhardt. Given at 350 and booked at 1350.You are with them for 3 years, when did you trade this?. Wockhardt traded lower than 350 between 15 Dec 2011 and 23 Jan 2012. But during those days there was no Mega Jackpot call... Arey simple SMI aisi company hai jo logoko zutha past performance dikhakar lutati hai. c) Lets examine the chronology of trading calls for the Mega jackpot and Double Money from June 2011 (I have no information prior to this). These are the two packages SMI cheats clients with 30 to 50 thousand per call. Remember per call although they publish half yearly and all. 5 March 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .U.. - Its currently trading 6% up from the buy level (better to ahve an FD in a bank) 15 May 2012 - Double money Call - ..S... - Its currently trading at 50% up 11 June 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .D.L - Company was exposed like Satyam fraud in Jan 2013...Now its trading at 10% lower than buy level 23 July 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .E.. C... - Its currently trading at 8% up from entry 7 August 2012 - Double Money call - MA.....R.. - Given at 33 went upto 43 now back at 35..Just 2 rs up 21 Sep 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - CH..... F... - 12% down from the buy level... 7 Nov 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - R..... - Its shockingly 20% down trading...Company never RALLIed after the call 18 Feb 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - Just given,Foolish stuff...Shorting a leading Pvt bank in March series....hahaha d) Due to time constraints I dont want to mention on all the tips they provided in other packages. I am aware of all scrips in their website, including Date of issue of the trade. (I am not aware of the calls provided in THREE packages - Multibaggers, Commodity package and Short term package) e) On a lighter note but serious - As per draft SEBI Investment Advisers Regulation, 2007 any company/person providing Stock Advisory in whatsoever commercial capacity must be registered with a Self regulatory Organization. SMI (www.smartmoneyinvestment.com) is not....Beware, stay away..Save your hard earned money.
Posted by Neerja Gupta
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www.stockinnews.com 28 Jan, 2013
took money n gives all false calls.
sends sms regularly that we made 30000 profit and 40000 profit intraday. we have news in advance. we dont give any free n paid trial aslo. we paid 10000 for 1 month subscription. gives all wrong calls. and shows on the web n sends sms to new clients that we made money. like this way they r cheating many ppl to join their services and provide wrong calls to innocent ppl like us. in my 1st trade i incurred 120000 loss.
Posted by sanatkumar shah
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globalstockinfo 06 Dec, 2012
not responding
i have transfered 5500rs and after that they not taking my call,if i call repeatedly their customer care executive picking the call without asking my name or number they telling me for wait,and cutting the call
Posted by akhil kv
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call option put option 29 Nov, 2012
Posted by PRASANNA
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www.fairwealth.in 06 Nov, 2012
Fradulent Trading Without Consent of Client
With reference to the scrutiny of my records w.r.t. the order placed, I raised the alarm for the fraudulent trading done in my account i.e. TRADING DONE WITHOUT CONSENT in my account by team fairwealth leading to loss of 2.00 lakhs (Approx; Can be more than that if including brokerage). Name : Tarun Arora Concerned Personnel: Mr. Shukla (Fairwealth Securities, Nehru Place Delhi) I have scrutinized by trading statements from August,12 till Date: i.e. 24.10.12 and found some major and critical irregularity and violation of trading norms of consumer. 1. Trade without consent (A broker should discuss with you each trade he or she would like to make with your account, and he must have your permission to do the trading. Trading without permission is prohibited. 2. Providing incomplete information to client and hiding the facts. 3. Cheating the customer for earning high brokerages 4. Asking client to hide the facts. 5. Asking client to wait so that the concerned personnel will add up the amount in account to cover up incurred losses w.r.t. fraudulent trading. POINTS TO BE ADDRESSED w.r.t. the BRANCH!  Who has provided the limit to trade operator for trading? And with whose consent the same was done?  Who all are to be held responsible for giving liberty of going ahead with the trade to the trading operator when client was not available?  When a periodic review of trade of client’s was done why such erroneous trading was not cited by the BRANCH?  Is this the same because of operator’s intention of earning commission on trading or any team is trying to mislead the higher management and hiding the real facts?  Can we put forth the trading sheet and the trading pattern along with the non-consented trading records to third party scrutiny for frauds at the branch?  It is ironical / stupendously stupid to view that all the trade that does happen was in debit throughout i.e. Sep-Mid and Oct, only INR 10000 was transferred in the account of Mr. Achal on 12th September, 12 for accounting into DLNNT54?  It is highly appreciated and hard to digest that an employee / trade operator of the company smartly deceived so many personnel’s at par and continuously did trading without any fear of any of the FAIRWEALTH SECURITIES personnel’s. For such a fraud only the operator could not be held responsible, Indeed I am very well sure that the same must be happening with many of your client’s !
Posted by Tarun Arora
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www.orangerich.com 20 Oct, 2012
pls dont subscruibe to this fruaud tips provider, i have paid 19000/- for mcx calls, they simply converting intrady calls into positional call, heavy loss has occured in crude and also in copper,this tips provider comes under the name of orange rich, orange financial etc. thy give positional calls, by promising 400 points 500 points etc. but one thing we should know if thy can give such profit, then thy themselves can invest and trade why thy r begging for subscription, i realised after losing 32000/- that too within 2 days. kindly take action against this type of tips provider.
Posted by ayyappan
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calloptionputoption.com 10 Oct, 2012
CHEATING COMPANY DONT SUBSCRIBE Calloptionputoption.com is big fraud & cheating company. They have taken Rs.3000/- from me promising 4 times profits with their option predictions. I have lost 5 times & they are not repaying my loss money I am now in Rs.67,000 loss. Please let me know how to get my money back & also request & recommend others not to entertain this fraud 420 forgery tips providing company
Posted by Vinay
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pay2gain 10 Oct, 2012
shocked to see this site listed as excellent. in 1/010/2012 i subscribed to this idiot. all he gave is some false tips making my entire capital a loss. do not subscribe to any stock tip providers. all r f**king bastards.THIS IS A MESSAGE IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO PAY2GAIN.COM-FORGET RECEIVING INCORRECT TIPS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY TIPS AT ALL FROM THIS FRAUDELANT COMPANY.
Posted by pay2gain
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sharetipsinfo 02 Oct, 2012
can,t give calls
My friend join the service of sharetipsinfo. from Last week. But they can,t give any calls till date.It is totally fraud. Please anyone don,t join this company.
Posted by Mahesh
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http://www.marketbhavishyareport.com/ 08 Sep, 2012
No Complaint - A Genuine Token of Appreciation
I am writing this only out of my gratitude for this guy. This guy provides commodity tips with high rate of accuracy. he keeps a continuous track of tips, so I just have to buy and sell when his sms flashes. Best thing I like about him is his INTENTION to help small traders become big and big traders attract even more money. Basis my experience, I can say that you will benefit from trading if you do one thing - follow what he says religiously. In the end, I only wish him continued success even in the future and may everyone continue to benefit from his tips. God bless!!
Posted by Neeraj Sehtya
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www.globalstockinfo.com 17 Aug, 2012
Posted by divyang
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calloptionputoption & snpnifty.com 25 Jul, 2012
fraud same owner
calloptionputoption.com and snpniftynifty.com are same owner SNPNIFTY has given false information on their website they update false profit points and lure customers to buy their reccomandations, after i paid for the reccomandations i lost all my money by following their calls.Plsease dont subscribe this 2 website- calloptionputoption.com and snpnifty.com
Posted by anjum
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thepremiumstocks 25 Jul, 2012
Fraud and cheater beware
HI Iam from tamilnadu. This Thepremiumstocks is a really really fake site, the guy who picks up the call tell us that he is from delhi, and he works in that company and the owner of the company is Risie jain. I asked him about the HNI package and paid 25,000 on 28-11-2011, And the guy gave me the call next day for Tatachem buy call, since is a futures call, we need lot of money, i put only 1 lot, when it went down i added another lot, like this i added 5 lots, and it went 4 rs down making me a loss of RS 20000/-. Then i called him, he didnt pick up the call, i thought he must be busy. Next day i thought not to trade but just to watch, as i made a loss yeaterday. So on 30-11-2011 i receid a call for PFC futures sell call. After watching the whole it neither hitted target nor it hitted the stoploss. it was in the middle and the market got over. Again i called him that day, he picked up the call and when i said im bala and i subscribed to you, he says" Sir i cant hear u clearly" and he hungs up the call. Next day i.e on 01-12-2011 i searched his site, I was shocked his call was on 29-11-2011 ZEEL buy call was given and target was acheived. on 30-11-2011 OPTO CIRCUIT sell call given and target was acheived. My god i was shocked, he gave me some other company for trade and made me loss of 20000/- and in his site he puts up some other company name and cheats people here. Again i called him and said pls talk to me only for 1 min, then he said" yes sir tell me" , i said your call have given me losses, but u put some other company name in your site, he said "ALL that is VIP calls Sir, you have to pay 50,000/-" to get that calls. Again i was shocked coz, when i was about subscribe him, he never said any thing of VIP CALLS. but after the money i paid as per the service charges in his site, no he says those call in site are not for me. We people [ie] like me are u know- we are in very bad condition. We had made loss many times and we are seeing all possibilities to earn back, and we trust you guys, and U guys just cut over throat and get our blood. ANy guys who want to pay for such site pls call me, i will explain. But pls pls dont subscribe to thepremiumstocks In future he also OWNS Optionmultibagger . COM, so in any name dont subsribe to such guys. thepremiumstocks is a 10000% fake, bogus and fraud company................... BEFORE SUBSCRIBING Thepremiumstocks PLS CALL ME- 095005214184 HELP INNOCENT TRADERS FROM CAPITALVIA. CALL ME- 095005214184
Posted by raju
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calloptionputoption 25 Jul, 2012
Fraud Snpnifty.com owned by him
I paid Rs.3000/- online transfer, but never received any tips. when I tried to contact them no one answering the call. There is only 1 mobile number on the website. No landline numbers Company is from RAjasthan,jodhpur, and bank account is in mumbai. This is completely fraud. I filed an FIR against the company and find out his address. Lets hope he will be behind bars very soon.
Posted by raman.b
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www.calloptionputoption.com 05 Jul, 2012
The WWW.calloptionputoption.COM tips provider criminal fraud.A Month back by reading his manipulative cheat canvassing reply i subscribed his STOCK OPTION PACKAGE -3000 /MONTH. I Have paid the amount through Axis Bank netbanking, then he started giving call but all call hitting stoploss on my 1st day itself i loosed 8000. becoz before subscribtion ”he ask me to trade in 3 lots becoz STOCK OPTION PACKAGE-97% accuracy” But on my 1st day itself i really depressed/shocked of his performance i called him MANY times but that fraud not picked my phone call.here is one example on 22/06/2012 he given me a call BUY tatasteel 400cE TGT 17/25 SL 0.50 it was stop loss..in his past performance record he has given BUY TATASTEEL 400PE see from this we come to know how fraud he is ..after seeing his past performance report i called him and enquired about this suddenly he disconnected my call..plz somebdy help me to get my money. That Fraud NAME IS--VIJAY GUPTA Contact no is-09887766554
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www.profit.biz 21 Jun, 2012
profit.biz fraud cheater
profit.biz is a big fool kutha hey .his calls are so confused example "gold hurdle 30430 (at the time gold 30400)if down target 29300" pls note that this is not a sell call.on next day gold is in sell state 30210,he post like that "see gold now 30210 sell at 30410.big fruad cheater.if u ask any DOUBT HE WILL REMOVE YOUR ID FROM THE LIST and not attending your phone calls.DONT GO TO profit.biz.i lost 50000 from past 1 month.pls see the messanger proof
Posted by mcx rahman
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thepremiumstocks.com 31 May, 2012
They have cheated me on every level. I was interested trading in nifty future and i tried their trial it was so and so. But after trial they start calling me and they said we give sure calls for nifty. I told them your trial was not so good but they said it was nifty pack but we have a special pack in which special nifty calls are provided and they gave me a nifty call of 15 point it was good call then they told me we will give you nifty calls in hni pack we will give sure calls and they have taken from me Rs.27000 and they have started my hni pack but after starting three days spent and they have not given me no nifty calls when i asked them to give me nifty call they said me there is no nifty call today and they gave me other calls, after 15 days of trading they have given me three nifty calls and in all three calls stoploss hit.
Posted by anagha singh
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Thepremiumstocks 25 May, 2012
Posted by sreedhar
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calloptionputoption.com 17 May, 2012
snpnifty & calloptionputoption same owner fraud
I paid Rs.3000/- online transfer, but never received any tips. when I tried to contact them no one answering the call. There is only 1 mobile number on the website. No landline numbers Company is from RAjasthan,jodhpur, and bank account is in mumbai. This is completely fraud. I filed an FIR against the company and find out his address. Lets hope he will be behind bars very soon.
Posted by rahul sinha
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